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CategorySensors => Temperature Sensors => Fan Controllers/Fan Fault Detectors
TitleFan Controllers/Fan Fault Detectors
DescriptionThe TC650/651 Are Integrated Temperature Sensors And Brushless DC Fan Speed Controllers
CompanyMicrochip Technology, Inc.
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Features, Applications
Tiny Integrated Temperature Sensor & Brushless DC Fan Controller with Over-Temperature Alert

Integrated Temperature Sensing and Multi-speed Fan Control Built-in Over Temperature Alert (TOVER) Temperature Proportional Fan Speed Control for Acoustic Noise Reduction and Longer Fan Life Pulse Width Modulation Output Drive for Cost and Power Savings Solid-State Temperature Sensing 1C (Typical) Accuracy from 5.5V Operating Range TC651 includes Auto Fan Shutdown Low Operating Current: 50A (Typical)

The TC650/TC651 are integrated temperature sensors and brushless DC fan speed controllers. The TC650/ TC651 measure their junction temperature and control the speed of the fan based on that temperature, making them especially suited for applications in modern electronic equipment. Temperature data is converted from the on-chip thermal sensing element and translated into a fractional fan speed from 100%. A temperature selection guide in the data sheet is used to choose the low and high temperature limits to control the fan. The TC650/TC651 also include a single trip point over temperature alert (TOVER) that eliminates the need for additional temperature sensors. In addition, the TC651 features an auto fan shutdown function for additional power savings. The TC650/TC651 are easy to use, require no software overhead and are therefore the ideal choice for implementing thermal management in a variety of systems.


Thermal Protection For Personal Computers Digital Set-Top Boxes Notebook Computers Data Communications Power Supplies Projectors

Part Number TC650XXVUA TC651XXVUA Package 8-Pin SOIC 8-PinMSOP Temperature Range +125 C

The "X" denotes a suffix for temperature threshold settings. Contact factory for other temperature ranges.

3 SHDN TOVER 6 4 GND NC 5 GND SHDN Control Over-Temp. Alert Controller

*Stresses above those listed under "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operation sections of the specifications is not implied. Exposure to Absolute Maximum Rating conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.

Input Voltage (VDD to GND)................................... +6V Output Voltage (OUT to GND)................................. 6V Voltage On Any Pin....... (GND 0.3V) to (VDD + 0.3V) Package Thermal Resistance (JA 250C/W Operating Temperature Range.......... to +125C Storage Temperature......................... to +150C

Electrical Characteristics: VDD to 5.5V, SHDN = VDD, to 125C unless otherwise specified. Symbol VDD IDD SHDN Input VIH VIL PWM Output VOL VOH tR tF fOUT tSTARTUP PWM Output Low Voltage PWM Output High Voltage PWM Rise Time PWM Fall Time PWM Frequency Start-up Time VDD 0.3 V sec Hz sec VDD Rises from GND, or SHDN Released ISINK = 1mA ISOURCE = 5mA IOH 5mA, 1nF from PWM to GND IOL 1mA, 1nF from PWM to GND SHDN Input High Threshold SHDN Input Low Threshold 65 15 %VDD Parameter Supply Voltage Supply Current Min 2.8 Typ. 50 Max 5.5 90 Units V A PWM, TOVER are open Test Conditions

Temperature Accuracy TH ACC (TH TL) ACC THYST TOVER Output VHIGH VLOW TOVER ACC TOVER HYST TOVER Output High Voltage TOVER Output Low Voltage Absolute Accuracy Trip Point Hysteresis VDD V C ISOURCE = 1.2mA ISINK 2.5mA At Trip Point High Temperature Accuracy Temp. Range Accuracy Auto-shutdown Hysteresis TH (TH TH C Note 1 (TH - TL) 20C (TH - TL) 20C TC651 Only


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