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CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
DescriptionSchottky Rectifier, Package : MD3CC
CompanyMicrosemi Corporation
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55HQ030 Schottky Rectifier, Package : DO-5
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2N5496 : NPN Transistor: 70v, 7a

JANTX2N3442 : NPN Transistor, Package : TO-3

SG2071 :

TM1.4.470J : Sensistor Sensistor, Package : TM

1N5228BUR : 500 mW Glass Surface Mount Zener Diodes

JANTXV1N958C-1 : Silicon 500 mW Zener Diodes

K50420V1EB1S : Silicon Power Rectifier Assemblies Plate Heatsink

JANTX1N5522DUR-1 : Silicon 500 mW Zener Diodes

JANTX1N958B-1 : Silicon 500 mW Zener Diodes

APTM50DSKM65T3G : Dual Common Source Mosfet Power Module

RH4574A-1-3 : 6.4 Volt Temperature Compensated Zener Reference Diodes

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1N3208 : 50V 15A Std. Recovery Diode in a DO-203AB (DO-5)package.

5SGR30L4502 : . Patented free-floating silicon technology Low on-state and switching losses Annular gate electrode Industry standard housing Cosmic radiation withstand rating The 91 mm buffered layer, reverse-conducting GTO offering low IGT as well as exceptionally low dynamic and static losses in both GTO and diode sections. It is encapsulated in an industry-standard.

FQA20N40 : 400V N-channel QFET.

GMS05C : . Case: SOT-23-6L package Molding Compound Flammability Rating: UL 94V-0 Marking Code: C05 Packaging Codes ­ Options: ­ 10K per 13" reel, ­ 3K per 7" reel, 30K/box Transient protection for data lines as per IEC 1000-4-2 (ESD) 15kV (air), 8kV (contact) IEC 1000-4-4 (EFT) 40A (tp = 5/50ns) IEC 1000-4-5 (Lightning) 24A (tp = 8/20µs) Small package for use in portable.

NTE123AP : Silicon NPN Transistor. Audio Amplifier, Switch (compl to NTE159). NTE123AP Silicon NPN Transistor Audio Amplifier, Switch (Compl to NTE159) Absolute Maximum Ratings: Collector­Emitter Voltage, VCEO. 40V Collector­Base Voltage, VCB. 60V Emitter­Base Voltage, VEB. 6V Continuous Collector Current, IC. 600mA Total Device Dissipation (TA = 25°C), PD. 350mW Derate Above 25°C. 2.8mW/°C Total Device Dissipation (TC = 25°C),.

SF61 : Discrete, Rectifiers, Fast Efficient Rectifiers. n LOW COST n LOW LEAKAGE n HIGH SURGE CAPABILITY n MEETS UL 94V-O SF61. 66 Series Maximum Ratings Peak Repetitive Reverse VoltageVRRM RMS Reverse VoltageVR(rms) DC Blocking VoltageVDC Average Forward Rectified CurrentIF(av) = 55°C Non-Repetitive Peak Forward Surge CurrentIFSM @ Rated Current & Temp Operating & Storage Temperature RangeTJ, TSTRG Electrical.

STPS20100 : Power Schottky Diodes->100 and 150V Power Schottky. High Voltage Power Schottky Rectifier.

WMBT3904 : NPN Epitaxial Silicon Transistors. GUARANTEED PROBED CHARACTERISTICS (TA=25) Limits Characteristic Symbol Test Conditions Units MIN. MAX. Collector-emitter Breakdown Voltage Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage Emitter-Base Breakdown Voltage Collector Cut-off Current BVCEO BVCBO BVEBO ICEX V nA 850 mV Base-Emitter Saturation Voltage 200 mV Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage 200 mV Transition.

EEUTP1E221 : CAPACITOR, ALUMINUM ELECTROLYTIC, NON SOLID, POLARIZED, 25 V, 220 uF, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Leaded Capacitor ; RoHS Compliant: Yes ; : Polarized ; Capacitance Range: 220 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 20 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 25 volts ; Leakage Current: 55 microamps ; ESR: 190 milliohms ; Mounting Style: Through Hole ; Operating.

FHV07537K4FKRB : RESISTOR, METAL GLAZE/THICK FILM, 0.25 W, 1 %, 100 ppm, 37400 ohm, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Technology / Construction: Thick Film (Chip) ; Mounting / Packaging: ThroughHole, Radial Leads, RADIAL LEADED, HALOGEN FREE AND ROHS COMPLIANT ; Resistance Range: 37400 ohms ; Tolerance: 1 +/- % ; Temperature Coefficient: 100 Âħppm/°C.

HIK : CAPACITOR, CERAMIC, 15000 V, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Leaded Capacitor ; Applications: General Purpose ; Electrostatic Capacitors: Ceramic Composition ; Mounting Style: Through Hole ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 125 C (-40 to 257 F).

MURF560 : 5 A, SILICON, RECTIFIER DIODE, TO-220AC. s: Package: PLASTIC, ITO-220AC, 3 PIN ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; IF: 5000 mA ; trr: 0.0500 ns.

SB3150 : 3 A, 150 V, SILICON, RECTIFIER DIODE, DO-201AD. s: Rectifier Configuration / Technology: Schottky ; Package: ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC PACKAGE-2 ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; VRRM: 150 volts ; IF: 3000 mA ; RoHS Compliant: RoHS.

SML40SUZ06BR3 : 40 A, 600 V, SILICON, RECTIFIER DIODE. s: Package: TO-247, TO-247CLIP, 2 PIN ; Number of Diodes: 1 ; VRRM: 600 volts ; IF: 40000 mA ; trr: 0.0650 ns ; RoHS Compliant: RoHS.

TMA34(I) : 400 V, 3 A, TRIAC, TO-220AB. s: Thyristor Type: Triac ; Package Type: TO-220, ROHS COMPLIANT, PLASTIC, TO-220F, FM20, SIP-3 ; Pin Count: 3 ; VDRM: 400 volts ; IT(RMS): 3 amps ; Standards and Certifications: RoHS.

2SC4176-A : Si, NPN, RF SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR. s: Polarity: NPN ; Package Type: SUPER MINIMOLD, SC-70, 3 PIN ; Number of units in IC: 1 ; Operating Frequency: 750 MHz.

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