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DescriptionSilicon Controlled Rectifier, Package : Powermite_3
CompanyMicrosemi Corporation
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Designed for high current narrow-pulse switching applications where size and current handling capability are critical. These devices may be triggered on using low power logic drivers from at 200 A).

Epoxy packaged, oxide passivated planar SCR chips with metallurgic bonds on both sides to achieve high reliability. Internal wire bond connection allows high current surge capability for narrow pulse applications.

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Rating Repetative peak Off-State Voltage Peak On-State Current Peak Gate Current Reverse Gate Voltage Storage Temperature Range Operating Temperature Range Symbol VDRM ITSM IGM VGR Ts TJ Value to 125 Unit V C

Powermite 3 Package Small Mechanical Outline High speed switching capability Logic drive capability (0.8V, 200A) UIS Rated Available with Lot Acceptance Testing Ideal for Laser Range finder and Camera Applications Ideal for Automotive Collision Avoidance Applications Available in 16mm Tape and Reel--6000 units/reel

APPLICATIONS/BENEFITS Microsemi Corp DN14 design note Nanosecond SCR switch for reliable high current pulse generators, modulators and photo-flash quenching. Several new applications for nanosecond SCR switches include automotive collision avoidance systems, laser drivers, photo-flash quenching circuits, specially developed circuits for the emerging digital imaging range finders and communication markets.

Thermal Resistance Junction-to Case (Anode) RJ 4.0 C/Watt

(1) Mounted on 2" square by 0.06' thick FR4 board with x 1" square 2 ounce copper pattern. (2) Mounted on 0.06 thick FR4 board, using recommended footprint.

.100 X.160 inches 2 Foot print Area mm 1:1 Actual size (anode contact)

` On characteristics (up 100 ns pulse @ Duty Cycle 0.0001% or less) IDRM Forward Blocking Current VDRM = 100V, RGK On - State Voltage VT Gate Trigger Voltage VGT = 5V, RGS = 100 Gate Trigger Current IGT = 5V, RGS = 10k IGR VGR = 5V Reverse Gate Current IH Holding Current = 5V, RGK = 1k IRRM Reverse Current (note 1) VRRM = 30V, RGK 1k ` Switching characteristics (Tc = 25 C) = 20 mA, = 1A Delay Time Ig =10mA Rise Time < 1% Circuit Commutated Turn--off = 1A, RGK = 1k Time tpg(on) = 1A Gate Trigger--on Pulse Width Critical Rate of Rise Off State Voltage dv/dt = 30V, RGK = 1k

Note 1: Pulse Test intended to guarantee reverse anode voltage capability for pulse commutation.

.subckt SCR anode gate cathode PARAMS: * Powermite 3 UPGA301A high-speed thyristor ton=55ns toff=500ns.END

PRODUCT PRELIMINARY DATA Information contained in this document is pre-production data, and is proprietary to Microsemi Corp. It may not be modified in any way without the express written consent of Microsemi Corp. Product referred to herein is not guaranteed to achieve preliminary or production status and product specifications, configurations, and availability may change at any time.

Case: Molded Epoxy Meets at 1/8 inch Weght: 72 milligrams Lead and Mounting Temperature: 260C max for 10 seconds


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