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DescriptionSilicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky, Package : Powermite
CompanyMicrosemi Corporation
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In Microsemi's new Powermite SMT package, these high efficiency ultrafast rectifiers offer the power handling capabilities previously found only in much larger packages. They are ideal for SMD applications that operate at high frequencies.

In addition to its size advantages, Powermite® package features include a full metallic bottom that eliminates the possibility of solder flux entrapment during assembly, and a unique locking tab acts as an integral heat sink. Its innovative design makes this device ideal for use with automatic insertion equipment.

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Rating Maximum Reverse Voltage, UPSC200 Maximum Reverse Voltage, UPSC400 Maximum Reverse Voltage, UPSC600 Maximum Average Output Current, TTAB =75°C Non-Repetitive Sinusoidal Surge Current (8.3 mS) Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Symbol stg T op Value to +150 Unit Vdc Adc A ºC

High power surface mount package. Silicon carbide Schottky rectifiers no reverse voltage recovery. Internal heat sink locking tabs Low forward voltage. Full metallic bottom eliminates flux entrapment Compatible with automatic insertion equipment Low profile-maximum height of 1mm supplied in 8mm tape and reel- 3,000 units/ 7" reel; 12,000 units/ 12" reel

APPLICATIONS/BENEFITS Switching and Regulating Power Supplies. Charge Pump Circuits. Reduces reverse recovery loss due to low IRM. Small foot print X 105 mils 1:1 Actual size

(1) When Mounted on PC board with 2 ounce copper pattern.

PRODUCT PRELIMINARY DATA ­ Information contained in this document is pre-production data, and is proprietary to Microsemi Corp. It may not be modified in any way without the express written consent of Microsemi Corp. Product referred to herein is not guaranteed to achieve preliminary or production status and product specifications, configurations, and availability may change at any time.


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