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DescriptionMitsubishi Semiconductor <application Specific Intelligent Power Module>flat Base Type Insulated Type
CompanyMitsubishi Electronics America, Inc.
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Features, Applications
MITSUBISHI SEMICONDUCTOR <Application Specific Intelligent Power Module>

Converter bridge for 3 phase AC-to-DC power conversion. 3 phase IGBT inverter bridge configured by the latest 3rd. generation IGBT and diode technology. Inverter output current capability I O (Note 1): Type Name Motor Rating AC 5.0Arms (Note 1) : The inverter output current is assumed to be sinusoidal and the peak current value of each of the 2, above loading cases is defined as : IOP < 100C


P-Side IGBTs : Drive circuit, high-level-shift circuit, bootstrap circuit supply scheme for Single Control-Power-Source drive, and under voltage (UV) protection. N-Side IGBTs : Drive circuit, DC-Link current sense and amplifier circuits for overcurrent protection, control-supply under-voltage protection (UV), and fault output (FO) signaling circuit. Fault Output : N-side IGBT short circuit (SC), over-current (OC), and control supply under-voltage (UV). Inverter Analog Current Sense : N-Side IGBT DC-Link Current Sense. Input Interface : 5V CMOS/TTL compatible, Schmitt Trigger input, and Arm-Shoot-Through interlock protective function.

APPLICATION Acoustic noise-less 0.75kW/200V AC Class 3 phase inverters, motor control applications, and motors with built-in small size inverter package

16.50.5 Terminals Assignment : 1. CBU+ 2. CBU 3. CBV+ 4. CBV 5. CBW+ 6. CBW FO 15. Vamp 16. GND 30. N2

Symbol VCC Item Supply voltage Condition Applied between P2-N2 Ratings Unit

VCC(surge) Supply voltage (surge) Applied between P2-N2, Surge-value or VN Each output IGBT collector-emitter static voltage Applied between P2-U.V.W, U.V.W-N2 VP(S) or VN(S) Ic(Icp) Each output IGBT collector-emitter switching voltage Each output IGBT collector current Applied between = 25C, means IC peak value

Symbol VRRM Ea IO IFSM I2t Item Repetitive peak reverse voltage Recommended AC input voltage DC output current Surge (non-repetitive) forward current I2t for fusing 3 rectifying circuit 1 cycle at 60Hz, peak value non-repetitive Value for one cycle of surge current Condition Ratings Unit V Vrms A 2s

Symbol VD, VDB VCIN VFO IFO Iamp Supply voltage Input signal voltage Fault output supply voltage Fault output current DC-Link IGBT current signal Amp output current Item Ratings Unit V mA

Symbol Tj Tstg TC VISO Item Junction temperature Storage temperature Module case operating temperature Isolation voltage Mounting torque Condition (Note 2) (Fig. 60 Hz sinusoidal AC applied between all terminals and the base plate for 1 minute. Mounting screw: M4 Ratings Unit C Vrms Nm

(Note 2) : The indicated values are specified considering the safe operation of all the parts within the ASIPM. The max. ratings for the ASIPM power chips (IGBT & FWDi) < 150.

Symbol Rth(jc) Q Rth(jc) F Rth(jc) FR Rth(cf) Junction to case Thermal Resistance Contact Thermal Resistance Item Inverter IGBT (1/6) Inverter FWDi (1/6) Converter Di (1/6) Case to fin thermal, grease applied (1 Module) Condition Ratings Min. Typ. Max. Unit C/W

Symbol VCE(sat) VEC VFR IRRM ton tc(on) toff tc(off) trr FWDi reverse recovery time Item Collector-emitter saturation voltage FWDi forward voltage Condition = 25C, Input = ON, VD = VDB = 15V (Shunt voltage drop not included) = 25C, IC = 15A Ratings Min. 0.3 Typ. Max. Unit mA s

= 25C, IFR = 10A Converter diode voltage Converter diode reverse current VR = VRRM 125C 1/2 Bridge inductive, Input 5V 0V VCC = 15V, VDB = 15V Note: ton, toff include delay time of the internal control circuit.

Short circuit endurance @VCC 400V, Input 5V 0V (One-Shot) (Output, Arm, and Load Short Circuit Modes) 20C Tj (start) VD = VDB 16.5V Switching SOA @VCC 400V, Input < OC trip level, VD = VDB 16.5V

No destruction FO output by protection operation No destruction No protecting operation No FO output


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