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CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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BRIEF DESCRIPTION: (ATD) Access to result registers conflict with register bus pre-charge timing DESCRIPTION: Unknown WORKAROUND: Unknown

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: (ATD) Accuracy is off by as much as 4 counts an 8-bit conversion DESCRIPTION: None WORKAROUND: Only rely a 6-bit result

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: (ATD) Status bits not properly reset when starting a new conversion sequence DESCRIPTION: ATD status bits and conversion counter are not reset properly if a new conversion sequence is started while an active A/D conversion sequence is in the process of completion. WORKAROUND: When starting a new sequence, perform two writes to control registers 4/5 in quick secession. If the first write occurs when the status bit/conversion counter is not reset, the second write will correct ATD operation.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: (ATD) Race in result register DESCRIPTION: ATD should be considered accurate to about 6 bits. WORKAROUND: None

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: (ATD) Low voltage write zero read one failure DESCRIPTION: Some registers fail to read $0000's after a write of $0000. Failures seen consistently at cold temperature. At room and hot temperature, failures are seen below 5.1 volts. WORKAROUND: WIll not halt code development as long as voltage and temperature are maintained above failure points.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: (ATD) Conversion failure at low temperature and high current consumption. DESCRIPTION: ATD won't convert at low temperatures. WORKAROUND: None.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: (ATD) conversion of the (Vrh-Vrl)/2 internal ref voltage returns $7F not $80


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