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DescriptionDual Conversion Narrowband FM Receivers
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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The MC13135/MC13136 are the second generation of single chip, dual conversion FM communications receivers developed by Motorola. Major improvements in signal handling, RSSI and first oscillator operation have been made. In addition, recovered audio distortion and audio drive have improved. Using Motorola's MOSAICTM 1.5 process, these receivers offer low noise, high gain and stability over a wide operating voltage range. Both the MC13135 and MC13136 include a Colpitts oscillator, VCO tuning diode, low noise first and second mixer and LO, high gain limiting IF, and RSSI. The MC13135 is designed for use with an LC quadrature detector and has an uncommitted op amp that can be used either for an RSSI buffer as a data comparator. The MC13136 can be used with either a ceramic discriminator an LC quad coil and the op amp is internally connected for a voltage buffered RSSI output. These devices can be used as stand­alone VHF receivers or as the lower of a triple conversion system. Applications include cordless telephones, short range data links, walkie­talkies, low cost land mobile, amateur radio receivers, baby monitors and scanners.

Complete Dual Conversion FM Receiver ­ Antenna to Audio Output Input Frequency Range ­ 200 MHz Voltage Buffered RSSI with dB of Usable Range Low Voltage Operation to 6.0 Vdc (2 Cell NiCad Supply) Low Current Drain 3.5 mA Typ Low Impedance Audio Output < 25 VHF Colpitts First LO for Crystal or VCO Operation Isolated Tuning Diode Buffered First LO Output to Drive CMOS PLL Synthesizer

Device to +85°C Operating Temperature Range Package Plastic DIP SO­24L Plastic DIP SO­24L
1st LO Base 1st LO Emitter 1st LO Out 2nd LO Emitter 2nd LO Base 2nd Mixer Out VEE Limiter In

Varicap C Varicap A 1st Mixer 1 1st Mixer 2 1st Mixer Out VCC2 2nd Mixer In Audio Out Op Amp Out Op Amp ­ Op Amp In + Quad Coil

Rating Power Supply Voltage RF Input Voltage Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Pin Symbol VCC (max) RFin TJ Tstg Value to +150 Unit Vdc Vrms °C

Rating Power Supply Voltage Maximum 1st IF Maximum 2nd IF Ambient Temperature Range Pin Symbol VCC fIF2 TA Value + 85 Unit Vdc MHz °C

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA = 25°C, VCC = 4.0 Vdc, = 49.7 MHz, fMOD = 1.0 kHz, Deviation ± 3.0 kHz, = 39 MHz, f2nd

= 10.245 MHz, = 10.7 MHz, = 455 kHz, unless otherwise noted. All measurements performed in the test circuit of Figure 1.) Characteristic Total Drain Current Sensitivity (Input for 12 dB SINAD) Recovered Audio MC13135 MC13136 Limiter Output Level (Pin MC13136) 1st Mixer Conversion Gain 2nd Mixer Conversion Gain First LO Buffered Output Total Harmonic Distortion Demodulator Bandwidth RSSI Dynamic Range First Mixer 3rd Order Intercept (Input) Second Mixer 3rd Order Intercept (RF Input) First LO Buffer Output Resistance First Mixer Parallel Input Resistance First Mixer Parallel Input Capacitance First Mixer Output Impedance Second Mixer Input Impedance Second Mixer Output Impedance Detector Output Impedance VRF ­ 40 dBm VRF ­ 40 dBm ­ VRF ­ 30 dBm ­ Matched Unmatched Matched Input TOIMix2 ­ RLO pF k Condition No Input Signal Matched Input VRF 1.0 mV Symbol ICC VSIN AFO 170 215 VLIM MXgain1 MXgain2 VLO THD BW RSSI TOIMix1 dBm dB mVrms % kHz dB dBm mVrms Min ­ Typ 4.0 1.0 Max 6.0 ­ Unit mAdc µVrms mVrms

Although the MC13136 can be operated with a ceramic discriminator, the recovered audio measurements for both the MC13135 and MC13136 are made with an LC quadrature detector. The typical recovered audio will depend on the external circuit; either the Q of the quad coil, or the RC matching network for the ceramic discriminator. On the MC13136, an external capacitor between Pins 13 and 14 can be used with a quad coil for slightly higher recovered audio. See Figures 10 through 13 for additional information. Since adding a matching circuit to the RF input increases the signal level to the mixer, the third order intercept (TOI) point is better with an unmatched input (50 from Pin 21 to Pin 22). Typical values for both have been included in the Electrical Characterization Table. TOI measurements were taken at the pins with a high impedance probe/spectrum analyzer system. The first mixer input impedance was measured at the pin with a network analyzer.


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