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CategoryInterface and Interconnect => LIN (Local Interconnect Network)
DescriptionISO K Line Serial Link Interface
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Features, Applications

The is a serial link bus interface device designed to provide bidirectional half-duplex communication interfacing in automotive diagnostic applications. It is designed to interface between the vehicle's on-board microcontroller and systems off-board the vehicle via the special ISO K line. The 33290 is designed to meet the Diagnostic Systems ISO9141 specification. The device's K line bus driver's output is fully protected against bus shorts and overtemperature conditions. The 33290 derives its robustness to temperature and voltage extremes by being built on a SMARTMOS process, incorporating CMOS logic, bipolar/MOS analog circuitry, and DMOS power FETs. Although the 33290 was principally designed for automotive applications, it is suited for other serial communication applications. It is parametrically specified over an ambient temperature range TA 125C and 8.0 V VBB 18 V supply. The economical SO-8 surface-mount plastic package makes the 33290 very cost effective. Features Designed to Operate Over Wide Supply Voltage 18 V Ambient Operating Temperature to 125C Interfaces Directly to Standard CMOS Microprocessors ISO K Line Pin Protected Against Shorts to Ground Thermal Shutdown with Hysteresis ISO K Line Pin Capable of High Currents ISO K Line Can Be Driven with nF of Parasitic Capacitance 8.0 kV ESD Protection Attainable with Few Additional Components Standby Mode: No VBat Current Drain with VDD 5.0 V Low Current Drain During Operation with VDD 5.0 V

On-Board Diagnostic Link +VBat D(1) +VDD MCU VCC nF Dx SCIRxD SCITxD 6 5 CEN ISO Rx Tx GND 33290 VBB VDD V(3) 3 ISO K Line TxD RxD Service Scan Tool or End of Production Line Programming or System Checking 510

Components necessary for Reverse Battery (1), Overvoltage Transient (2), and 8.0 kV ESD Protection in a metal module case. This device contains 85 active transistors.


Pin Name VBB NC GND ISO TX RX VDD CEN Description Battery power through external resistor and diode. Not to be connected. (Note 1) Common signal and power return. Bus connection. Logic level input for data to be transmitted on the bus. Logic output of data received on the bus. Logic power source input. Chip enable. Logic "1" for active state. Logic "0" for sleep state.

Notes 1. NC pins should not have any connections made to them. NC pins are not guaranteed to be open circuits.


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