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CategoryCommunication => Wireless => Transceivers
DescriptionMC33690 Standalone Tag Reader Circuit
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Features, Applications

The Standalone Tag Reader Circuit (STARC) is an integrated circuit dedicated to the automotive immobilizer applications. It combines on the same chip all the circuitry to interface with a transponder : antenna drivers and demodulator. A low dropout voltage regulator and a physical interface fully compatible with the ISO 9141 norm are also available. The Standalone Tag Reader Circuit is fabricated with the SMARTMOSTM3.5 technology. This process is a double layer metal, 1.4m, 45V technology, combining CMOS and bipolar devices.

Contactless 125kHz tag reader module : - Self synchronous sample & hold demodulator - Amplitude or phase modulation detection - High sensitivity - Fast "read after write" demodulator settling time - Low resistance and high current antenna drivers @ 150mA (typ.) - Bidirectionnal data transmission - Multi tag, multi scheme operation. Low dropout voltage regulator : - Wide input supply voltage range : from 40V - Output current capability 150mA DC with an external power transistor - 5V output voltage with 5% accuracy - Low voltage reset function - Low current consumption in standby mode : 300A (typ.). ISO 9141 transmitter and receiver module : - Input voltage thresholds ratiometric to the supply voltage - Current limitation - Ouput slew rate control - No external protection device required.

This document contains information on a new product under development. Motorola reserves the right to change or discontinue this product without notice. REV 4.8 Motorola, Inc., 2002.

Figure 1 : Standalone Tag Reader Circuit Optional : external N channel MOS required for sourced current 50mA. A recommended reference is MMFT 3055VL from Motorola.

Rating Supply voltage Supply voltage without using the voltage regulator (V SUP DD ) Voltage on SOURCE Current into/from GATE Voltage on GATE Voltage on pins : MODE1/2, CEXT, DOUT, LVR, XTAL1/2, Rx, Tx Voltage on RD Voltage on K and AM Current & TD2 (Drivers on & off) Voltage on AGND ESD voltage capability (HBM, see note 1) ESD voltage capability (MM, see note 1) Solder heat resistance test (10s) Junction temperature Storage temperature

Note 1 : Human Body model, AEC-Q100-002 Rev. C. Machine Model, AEC-Q100-003 Rev. E.
Characteristic Junction to ambiant thermal resistance (SOIC20) Symbol Rth Value 80 Unit C/W


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