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DescriptionMicroprocessor Power Supply (3.0 A)
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Preliminary Information 3.0 A Switch-Mode Power Supply with Linear Regulator

The 33702 provides the means to efficiently supply the Power QUICCTM I, II, and other families of Motorola microprocessors and DSPs. The 33702 incorporates a high-performance switching regulator, providing the direct supply for the microprocessor's core, and a low dropout (LDO) linear regulator control circuit providing the microprocessor I/O and bus voltage. The switching regulator is a high-efficiency synchronous buck regulator with integrated 50 m N-channel power MOSFETs to provide protection features and to allow space-efficient, compact design. The 33702 incorporates many advanced features; e.g., precisely maintained up/down power sequencing, ensuring the proper operation and protection of the CPU and power system. Features Operating Voltage: 6.0 V High-Accuracy Output Voltages Fast Transient Response Switcher Output Current 3.0 A Undervoltage Lockout Power Sequencing Programmable Watchdog Timer Voltage Margining via CTM Bus Overcurrent Protection Reset with Programmable Power-ON Delay Enable Inputs I2

Device PC33702DWB/R2 Temperature Range (TA) to 85C Package 32 SOICW

This document contains information on a product under development. Motorola reserves the right to change or discontinue this product without notice. Motorola, Inc. 2003

EN1 EN2 RESET Reset Control RT POR Timer Reset Power Sequencing Voltage Margining W-dog Timer Watchdog Timer SysCon INV LFB I2C Control SysCon Thermal Limit SoftSt



Pin 1 Pin Name FREQ Formal Name Oscillator Frequency Definition This selection switcher pin can be adjusted by connecting external resistor RF to the FREQ pin. The default switching frequency (FREQ pin left open or tied to VDDI) is set to 300 kHz. Buck Controller Error Amplifier inverting input. Output voltage of the buck converter. Input pin of the switching regulator power sequence control circuit. Buck regulator power input. Drain of the high-side power MOSFET. Buck regulator switching node. This pin is connected to the inductor. Analog ground of the IC, thermal heatsinking. Buck regulator power ground. Drain of the internal boost regulator power MOSFET. Internal boost regulator output voltage. The internal boost regulator provides 20 mA output current to supply the drive circuits for the integrated power MOSFETs and the external N-channel power MOSFET of the linear regulator. The voltage at the VBST pin 8.0 V nominal. Bootstrap capacitor input. I2C bus pin. Serial data. I2C bus pin. Serial clock. Linear regulator compensation pin. Linear regulator feedback pin. Input pin of the linear regulator power sequence control circuit. Current sense pin of the LDO. Overcurrent protection of the linear regulator external power MOSFET. The voltage drop over the LDO current sense resistor RS is sensed between the CS and LDO pins. The LDO current limit can be adjusted by selecting the proper value of the current sensing resistor RS. LDO gate drive of the external pass N-channel MOSFET. The input supply pin for the integrated circuit. The internal circuits of the IC are supplied through this pin.

Inverting Input Output Voltage Input Voltage 2 Switch Ground Power Ground Boost Drain Boost Voltage

Bootstrap Serial Data Serial Clock Linear Compensation Linear Feedback Linear Regulator Current Sense



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