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The MC3371 and MC3372 perform single conversion FM reception and consist of an oscillator, mixer, limiting IF amplifier, quadrature discriminator, active filter, squelch switch, and meter drive circuitry. These devices are designed for use in FM dual conversion communication equipment. The MC3371/MC3372 are similar to the MC3361/MC3357 FM IFs, except that a signal strength indicator replaces the scan function controlling driver which is in the MC3361/MC3357. The MC3371 is designed for the use of parallel LC components, while the MC3372 is designed for use with either a 455 kHz ceramic discriminator, or parallel LC components. These devices also require fewer external parts than earlier products. The MC3371 and MC3372 are available in dual­in­line and surface mount packaging. Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range: VCC 9.0 V

Input Limiting Voltage Sensitivity ­3.0 dB Low Drain Current: ICC = 3.2 mA, @ VCC 4.0 V, Squelch Off Minimal Drain Current Increase When Squelched Signal Strength Indicator: 60 dB Dynamic Range Mixer Operating Frequency to 100 MHz Fewer External Parts Required than Earlier Devices

Rating Power Supply Voltage RF Input Voltage (VCC Detector Input Voltage Squelch Input Voltage (VCC 4.0 Vdc) Pin Symbol VCC(max) l14 TJ Tstg Value to +150 Unit Vdc Vrms Vpp Vdc Vpk mA °C

Device to +70°C Operating Temperature Range Package SO­16 TSSOP­16 Plastic DIP SO­16 TSSOP­16 Plastic DIP

Mute Function Mute Sink Current Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range

NOTES: 1. Devices should not be operated at these values. The "Recommended Operating Conditions" table provides conditions for actual device operation. 2. ESD data available upon request.

2 16 Mixer Input 15 Gnd 14 Mute MC3371 (Top View) 13 Meter Drive 12 Squelch Input 11 Filter Output 10 Filter Input 9 Recovered Audio Crystal Osc 2 16 Mixer Input 15 Gnd 14 Mute MC3372 (Top View) 13 Meter Drive 12 Squelch Input 11 Filter Output 10 Filter Input 9 Recovered Audio

Mixer Output 3 VCC 4 Limiter Input 5 Decoupling 6 Limiter Output 7 Quad Input 8

Rating Supply Voltage TA +75°C) Pin Symbol VCC Vrf frf Vlocal fif Vif Vfa Vsq lsq TA Value to +70 Unit Vdc mVrms MHz mVrms kHz mVrms Vdc mA °C

RF Input Voltage RF Input Frequency Oscillator Input Voltage Intermediate Frequency Limiter Amp Input Voltage Filter Amp Input Voltage Squelch Input Voltage Mute Sink Current Ambient Temperature Range

AC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 4.0 Vdc, = 58.1125 MHz, = ±3.0 kHz, fmod = 1.0 kHz, 50 source,

flocal = 57.6575 MHz, Vlocal = 0 dBm, = 25°C, unless otherwise noted) Characteristic Input for 12 dB SINAD Matched Input ­ (See Figures 11, 12 and 13) Unmatched Input ­ (See Figures 1 and 2) Input for 20 dB NQS Recovered Audio Output Voltage Vrf = ­30 dBm Recovered Audio Drop Voltage Loss Vrf = ­30 dBm, VCC 2.0 V Meter Drive Output Voltage (No Modulation) Vrf = ­100 dBm Vrf = ­70 dBm Vrf = ­40 dBm Filter Amp Gain = 10 kHz, Vfa = 1.0 mVrms Mixer Conversion Gain Vrf = ­40 dBm, 1.8 k Signal to Noise Ratio Vrf = ­30 dBm Total Harmonic Distortion Vrf = ­30 dBm, to 30 kHz Detector Output Impedance Detector Output Voltage (No Modulation) Vrf = ­30 dBm Meter Drive Vrf to ­40 dBm Meter Drive Dynamic Range RFIn IFIn (455 kHz) Mixer Third Order Input Intercept Point = 58.125 MHz = 58.1375 MHz Mixer Input Resistance Mixer Input Capacitance Pin ­ Symbol VSIN VNQS AFO 120 AFloss ­8.0 MDrv MV2 MV3 AV(Amp) AV(Mix) 14 s/n 36 THD ­ ZO DVO MO ­ MVD ­ ITOMix ­ 16 Rin Cin k pF dBm 1.45 ­ µA/dB Vdc ­ dB Vdc 320 dB µVrms mVrms Min Typ Max Unit µVrms

DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 4.0 Vdc, = 25°C, unless otherwise noted)

Characteristic Drain Current (No Input Signal) Squelch Off, Vsq = 2.0 Vdc Squelch On, Vsq = 0 Vdc Squelch Off, VCC 9.0 V Detector Output (No Input Signal) DC Voltage, V8 = VCC Filter Output (No Input Signal) DC Voltage Change, VCC 9.0 V Trigger Hysteresis Pin dV11 ­ Hys 1.6 2.3 Vdc Symbol Min Typ Max Unit mA

Figure 1. MC3371 Functional Block Diagram and Test Fixture Schematic
Demodulator Mixer 10 Limiter Amp 51 k Oscillator 1 15 Quad Coil TOKO HK (10 mm) 7MC­8128Z (7 mm) k


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