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DescriptionLow Voltage Single Conversion FM Receiver
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Features, Applications

. with single conversion circuitry including oscillator, mixer, IF amplifiers, limiting IF circuitry, and quadrature discriminator. The MC3374 is perfect for narrowband audio and data applications to 75 MHz which require extremely low power consumption. Battery powered applications down to VCC 1.1 V are possible. The MC3374 also includes an on­board voltage regulator, low battery detection circuitry, a receiver enable allowing a power down Sleep­Mode TM , two undedicated buffer amplifiers to allow simultaneous audio and data reception, and a comparator for enhancing FSK (Frequency Shift Keyed) data reception to 1200 baud. Low Supply Voltage: VCC to 3.0 Vdc

Low Power Consumption: 5.0 mW Input Bandwidth 75 MHz Excellent Sensitivity: 0.5 µVrms for 12 dB SINAD Voltage Regulator Available (Source Capability 3.0 mA) Receiver Enable to Allow Active/Standby Operation Low Battery Detection Circuitry Self Biasing Audio Buffer Data Buffer FSK Data Shaping Comparator Standard 32­Lead QFP Surface Mount Package ORDERING INFORMATION

Device Tested Operating Temperature Range Package TQFP­32 FTB SUFFIX PLASTIC PACKAGE CASE 873 (Thin QFP)

IF In Audio Buffer 22 Audio Buffer Out 21 Audio Buffer In Low Battery Detector 20 Low Battery Detector 1.2 V Select 18 VCC

Output Demodulator Decoupling 7 Buffer Quad Tank 8
Main Current Reference Comp. Receiver Enable Voltage Reference
*N/C Comp Rec Regulator I/P O/P Enable Reference Test
MAXIMUM RATINGS (Voltage with respect to Pins 4 and = 25°C.)

Rating Supply Voltage RF Input Signal Audio Buffer Input Data Buffer Input Comparator Input Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Pin Value to +150 Unit Vdc Vrms °C

Device should not be operated at or outside these values. The "Recommended Operating Limits" provide for actual device operation.

Parameter Supply Voltage Receiver Enable Voltage 1.2 V Select Voltage RF Input Signal Level RF Input Frequency Intermediate Frequency (IF) Audio Buffer Input Data Buffer Input Comparator Input Ambient Temperature Pin Value to 3.0 VCC Open or VCC to 70 Unit Vdc mVrms MHz kHz mVrms °C

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 10.7 MHz, fmod = 1.0 kHz, Deviation = 3.0 kHz, = 25°C, Test Circuit of Figure 1, unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristic OVERALL MC3374 PERFORMANCE Drain Current ­ Pin 15 = VCC (Enabled) Drain Current ­ Pin = 0 Vdc (Disabled) Recovered Audio (RF Input = 10 µV) Noise Output (RF Input = 0 mV, ­ 5.0 kHz) Input for 3.0 dB Limiting

MIXER Mixer Input Resistance (Rp) Mixer Input Capacitance (Cp) FIRST IF AMPLIFIER First IF Amp Voltage Gain AUDIO BUFFER Voltage Gain Input Resistance Maximum Input for Undistorted Output (<5% THD) Maximum Output Swing (<5% THD) Output Resistance DATA BUFFER Voltage Gain Input Resistance Maximum Input for Undistorted Output (<5% THD) Maximum Output Swing (<5% THD) Output Resistance V/V M mVrms mVpp V/V k mVrms mVpp dB

= 25°C, Test Circuit of Figure 1, unless otherwise noted.) Characteristic COMPARATOR Minimum Input for Triggering (RL 100 k) Maximum Input Frequency (RL 100 k) Rise Time 100 k) Fall Time 100 k) LOW BATTERY DETECTOR Low Battery Trip Point Low Battery Output ­ VCC 0.9 V Low Battery Output ­ VCC 1.3 V VOLTAGE REGULATOR Regulated Output (see Figure 4) Source Capability Vdc mA VCC ­ Vdc mVrms kHz µs

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (continued) (VCC = 10.7 MHz, fmod = 1.0 kHz, Deviation = 3.0 kHz, TA

RF Input CB k Disable Enable 4.7+ VCC VEE 4. CC1 and CC3 are RF coupling capacitors and should have 20 impedance at the desired input and oscillator frequencies. 5. CC2 provides "light coupling" of the oscillator signal into the mixer, and should have 5.0 k impedance at the desired local oscillator frequency. 6. Capacitors labelled CB are bypass capacitors and should have 20 impedance at the desired RF and local oscillator frequencies. 7. The network L1, C1 and C2 provides impedance matching of the mixer input (nominally 3.0 k shunted by 9.0 pF) 50 at the desired RF/IF input frequency. This will allow for bench testing of the receiver from typical RF signal generators or radio service monitors, but additional or different matching will be required to maximize receiver sensitivity when used in conjunction with an antenna, RF preamplifier or mixer. RL 0.22 N.C. 100 k

Low Battery Detector Main Current Reference Comp. Receiver Voltage Enable Reference

Data Output NOTES: 1. FL1 and FL2 are 455 kHz ceramic bandpass filters, which should have input and output impedances 2.0 k. Suggested part numbers are MuRata CFW455x ­ the `X' suffix denotes bandwidth. a 455 kHz LC resonator. Recommended part numbers are Toko America or 5SVLC­0637BGT (smaller). The evaluation board layout shown provides for use of either resonator. Ceramic discriminator elements cannot be used with the MC3374 due to their low input impedance. The damping resistor value can be raised to increase the recovered audio or lowered to increase the quadrature detector's bandwidth and linearity ­ practical limits are approximately 75 k. Typically the quadrature detector's bandwidth should match the low IF filter's bandwidth. 3. The data buffer is set as a low­pass filter with a corner frequency of approximately 200 Hz. The audio buffer is a bandpass filter with corner frequencies 300 Hz and 3.0 kHz. The audio amplifier provides bass suppression.


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