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Description2-Channel Dsi Physical Interface For Bus Masters
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Advance Information Two-Channel Distributed System Interface (DSI) Physical Interface Device

The is a two-channel physical layer interface IC for the Distributed System Interface (DSI) bus. It is designed to meet automotive requirements. It can also be used in nonautomotive applications. It supports bidirectional communication between slave and master ICs. Some slave devices derive a regulated 5.0 V from the bus, which can be used to power sensors, thereby eliminating the need for additional circuitry and wiring. Features Two Independent DSI Compatible Busses Pinout Matched to MC68HC55 (SPI to DSI Logic) Wave-Shaped Bus Output Voltage Independent Thermal Shutdown and Current Limit Return Signalling Current Detection Internal Logic Input Pull-Ups and Pull-Downs On-Board Charge Pump 2.0 kV ESD Capability Communications Rate to 150 kbps

Device MC33790DW/R2 Temperature Range (TJ) to 150°C Package 16 SOICW

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Pin 1 Pin Name DSI1R NC CPCAP NC GND DSI1O VSUP DSI0O GND VDD Description This logic input controls the frame output for DSI channel 0 in accordance with Table 1, page 8. This logic input controls the signalling output for DSI channel 0 in accordance with Table 1, page 8. This logic output provides the return data for DSI channel 0 in accordance with Table 1, page 8. This logic input controls the frame output for DSI channel 1 in accordance with Table 1, page 8. This logic input controls the signalling output for DSI channel 1 in accordance with Table 1, page 8. This logic output provides the return data for DSI channel 1 in accordance with Table 1, page 8. Unused. Used to store and filter charge pump output. Unused. Circuit and bus ground return. DSI bus 1 input/output. Idle level supply input. The voltage supplied to this pin sets the idle level on the DSI bus. DSI bus 0 input/output. Circuit and bus ground return. 5.0 V logic supply input.



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