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DescriptionElectric Field Imaging Device
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Features, Applications

The MC33794 is intended for applications where noncontact sensing of objects is desired. When connected to external electrodes, an electric field is created.,The MC33794 is intended for use in detecting objects in this electric field. The IC generates a low-frequency sine wave. The frequency is adjustable by using an external resistor and is optimized for 120 kHz. The sine wave has very low harmonic content to reduce harmonic interference. The MC33794 also contains support circuits for a microcontroller unit (MCU) to allow the construction of a two-chip E-field system. Features Supports to 9 Electrodes and 2 References or Electrodes Shield Driver for Driving Remote Electrodes Through Coaxial Cables +5.0 V Regulator to Power External Circuit ISO-9141 Physical Layer Interface Lamp Driver Output Watchdog and Power-ON Reset Timer Critical Internal Nodes Scaled and Selectable for Measurement High-Purity Sine Wave Generator Tunable with External Resistor Typical Applications Occupant Detection Systems Appliance Control Panels and Touch Sensors Linear and Rotational Sliders Spill Over Flow Sensing Measurement Refrigeration Frost Sensing Industrial Control and Safety Systems Security Proximity Detection for Wake-Up Features Touch Screens Garage Door Safety Sensing Liquid Level Sensing ORDERING INFORMATION

Device Name MC33794EK/R2 Temperature Range (TA) to 85C Package Drawing 1390-02 Package 54 SOICW-EP
* REF_A and REF_B are not switched to ground when not selected.
(Note: All Resistor Values are Nominal) Figure 1. Simplified Functional Block Diagram



Terminal 1 Terminal Name RST Formal Name Reset Definition This output is intended to generate the reset function of a typical MCU. It has a delay for Power-ON Reset, level detectors to force a reset when VCC REG is out-of-range high or low, and a watchdog timer that will force a reset if WD_IN is not asserted at regular intervals. Timing is derived from the oscillator and will change with changes in the resistor attached to R_OSC. This terminal must be asserted and deserted at regular interval in order to prevent RST from being asserted. By having the MCU program perform this operation more often the allowed time, a check that the MCU is running and executing its program is assured. If this doesn't occur, the MCU will be reset. If the watchdog function is not desired, this terminal may be connected to CLK to prevent a reset from being issued. These terminals may be used at some future date and should be left open.

This is the ground for the current from the lamp. The current into LAMP_OUT flows out through this terminal. This is an active low output capable of sinking current of a typical indicator lamp. One end of the lamp should be connected to a positive supply (for example, battery voltage) and the other side to this terminal. The current is limited to prevent damage to the IC in the case of a short or surge during lamp turn-on or burn-out.


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