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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Switches & Multiplexers => Power Low Side Switches
DescriptionConfigurable Octal Serial Switch With Serial Peripheral Interface I/o
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Configurable Octal Serial Switch with Serial Peripheral Interface I/O

The 33880 device is an eight output hardware configurable high side/low side switch with 8-bit serial input control. Two of the outputs may be controlled directly via microprocessor for PWM applications. The 33880 incorporates SMARTMOSTM technology, with CMOS logic, bipolar/MOS analog circuitry, and DMOS power MOSFETs. The 33880 controls various inductive or incandescent loads by directly interfacing with a micro controller. The circuit's innovative monitoring and protection features include: very low standby currents; cascade fault reporting; internal +40 V clamp voltage for low side configuration; -20 V high side configuration; output specific diagnostics; and independent shutdown of output. Features Designed to operate V < VPWR V 8-Bit SPI for Control and Fault Reporting, V/5.0 V Compatible Outputs are current limited A) to Drive Incandescent Lamps Output voltage Clamp, +45 V (low side) and -20 V (high side) During Inductive Switching Internal Reverse Battery Protection on VPWR Loss of Ground or Supply Will Not Energize Loads or Damage IC Maximum 5 µA IPWR Standby Current 13.0 V VPWR RDS(ON) at 25°C Typical Short Circuit Detect and Current Limit with Automatic Retry Independent Over Temperature Protection

Device PC33880DW PC33880DWB Temperature Range (TA) to 125°C Package 28 Ld SOIC 32 Ld SOIC

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28-Lead SOIC PIN GND VDD IN6 EN SCLK S3 D4 Digital ground. Logic supply voltage. Logic supply must be switched off for low current mode (VDD below 3.9 V). Output eight MOSFET source pin. Output eight MOSFET source pin. Output eight MOSFET drain pin. Output two MOSFET source pin. Output two MOSFET drain pin. Output one MOSFET source pin. Output one MOSFET drain pin. Output six MOSFET drain pin. Output six MOSFET source pin. PWM direct control input pin for output IN6 is "OR" with SPI bit. Enable input. Allows control of outputs. Active high. SPI control clock input pin. SPI control data input pin from MCU to the 33880. Logic 1 activates output. SPI control chip select input pin from MCU to the 33880. Logic 0 allows data to be transferred in. PWM direct control input pin for output IN5 is "OR" with SPI bit. Output five MOSFET source pin. Output five MOSFET drain pin. Output three MOSFET drain pin. Output three MOSFET source pin. Output four MOSFET drain pin. PIN NAME DESCRIPTION


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