Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MC33882FC/R2
DescriptionSix-output Low-side Switch with SPI and Parallel Input Control
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Six-Output Low-Side Switch with SPI and Parallel Input Control

The is a smart six-output low-side switch able to control system loads 1.0 A. The six outputs can be controlled via both serial peripheral interface (SPI) and parallel input control, making the device attractive for fault-tolerant system applications. There are two additional 30 mA low-side switches with SPI diagnostic reporting (with parallel input control only). The 33882 is designed to interface directly with industry-standard microcontrollers via SPI to control both inductive and incandescent loads. Outputs are configured as open-drain power MOSFETs incorporating internal dynamic clamping and current limiting. The device has multiple monitoring and protection features, including low standby current, fault status reporting, internal 52 V clamp on each output, output-specific diagnostics, and protective shutdown. In addition, it has a mode select pin affording a dual means of input control. Features Outputs Clamped for Switching Inductive Loads Very Low Operational Bias Currents 2.0 mA) CMOS Input Logic Compatible with 5.0 V Logic Levels Load Dump Robust (60 V Transient at VPWR ­ OUT5) Daisy Chain Operation of Multiple Devices Possible Switch Outputs Can Be Paralleled for Higher Currents RDS(ON) of 0.4 per Output 13 V VPWR SPI Operation Guaranteed to 2.0 MHz Pb-Free Packaging Designated by Suffix Codes VW and EP

Device MC33882DH/R2 30 HSOP MC33882FC/R2 32 QFN MC33882EP/R2 Temperature Range (TA) Package

VPWR VDD CS MCU SCLK IN1 IN2 Optional Parallel Control of Outputs 0 through & IN5 MODE GND Optional Control of Paired Outputs Low-Power LED Outputs High-Power Outputs

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IN1) 0 Serial In SO Fault Latch/Shift Register Output 0 Status Output Status 1 through 7
Note Pin numbers shown in this figure are applicable only to the 30-lead HSOP package.
Analog Integrated Circuit Device Data Freescale Semiconductor
Figure 3. HSOP Pin Connections Table 1. HSOP Pin Function Description

Pin Name VPWR & IN5 Formal Name Load Supply Voltage Input 0 & Input 1 Input 2 & Input 3 Input 4 & Input 5 Definition This pin is connected to battery voltage. A decoupling cap is required from VPWR to ground. These input pins control two output channels each when the MODE pin is pulled high. These pins may be connected to pulse width modulated (PWM) outputs of the control IC while the MODE pin is high. The states of these pins are ignored during normal operation (MODE pin low) and override the normal inputs (serial or parallel) when the MODE pin is high. These pins have internal active 25 ľA pull-downs. The MODE pin is connected to the MODE pin of the control IC. This pin has an internal active 25 ľA pull-up. These are parallel control input pins. These pins have internal 25 ľA active pulldowns.

Each pin is one channel's drain, sinking current for the respective load.

Not connected. The Serial Input pin is connected to the SPI Serial Data Output pin of the control IC from where it receives output command data. This input has an internal active 25 ľA pull-down and requires CMOS logic levels.


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