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DescriptionFull Bridge Pre-driver For Power Application
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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The is an H-bridge gate driver (also known as a full-bridge predriver) IC with integrated charge pump and independent high- and low-side gate driver channels. The gate driver channels are independently controlled by four separate input terminals, thus allowing the device to be optionally configured as two independent high-side gate drivers and two independent low-side gate drivers. The low-side channels are referenced to ground. The high-side channels are floating.

The gate driver outputs can source and sink 1.0 A peak current pulses, permitting large gate-charge MOSFETs to be driven and/or high Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) frequencies to be utilized. A linear regulator is incorporated, providing 15 V typical gate supply to the low-side gate drivers. Features VCC Operating Voltage Range from V VCC2 Operating Voltage Range from 28 V CMOS/LSTTL Compatible I/O 1.0 A Peak Gate Driver Current Built-In High-Side Charge Pump Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) Overvoltage Lockout (OVLO) Global Enable with <10 A Sleep Mode Supports PWM to 100 kHz

Device MC33883DW/R2 Temperature Range (TA) to 125C Package 20 SOICW

CCP C1 VCC, VCC2 Undervoltage/ Overvoltage Detection VCC VDD EN GND G_EN VCC2 EN Linear Reg +14.5 V LR_OUT Charge Pump C1 C2 VPOS CP_OUT VDD VCC 28 V VCC CCP_OUT 55 V

BRG_EN IN_HS1 TSD1 Control and Logic VDD /VPOS Level Shift Pulse Generator
VDD /VCC Level Shift Pulse Generator IN Output
BRG_EN IN_HS2 TSD2 Control and Logic VDD /VPOS Level Shift Pulse Generator
HIGH-SIDE CHANNEL BRG_EN IN_LS2 TSD2 Control and Logic VDD /VCC Level Shift Pulse Generator


Terminal Name VCC Formal Name Supply Voltage 1 Charge Pump Capacitor Charge Pump Out Source 1 Output High Side Gate 1 Output High Side Input High Side 1 Input Low Side 1 Gate 1 Output Low Side Ground 1 Linear Regulator Output Supply Voltage 2 Analog Ground Charge Pump Capacitor Ground 2 Gate 2 Output Low Side Input Low Side 2 Input High Side 2 Gate 2 Output High Side Source 2 Output High Side Global Enable Device power supply 1. External capacitor for internal charge pump. External reservoir capacitor for internal charge pump. Source of high-side 1 MOSFET Gate of high-side 1 MOSFET. Logic input control of high-side 1 gate (i.e., IN_HS1 logic HIGH = GATE_HS1 HIGH). Logic input control of low-side 1 gate (i.e., IN_LS1 logic HIGH = GATE_LS1 HIGH). Gate of low-side 1 MOSFET. Device ground 1. Output of internal linear regulator. Device power supply 2. Device analog ground. External capacitor for internal charge pump. Device ground 2. Gate of low-side 2 MOSFET. Logic input control of low-side 2 gate (i.e., IN_LS2 logic HIGH = GATE_LS2 HIGH). Logic input control of high-side 2 gate (i.e., IN_HS2 logic HIGH = GATE_HS2 HIGH). Gate of high-side 2 MOSFET. Source of high-side 2 MOSFET. Logic input Enable control of device (i.e., G_EN logic HIGH = Full Operation, G_EN logic LOW = Sleep Mode). Definition



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