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TitleContact Monitor
DescriptionMC33884 Advance Information - Multiple Switch Detection Interface
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Features, Applications

The MC33884 Switch Monitor Interface is a monolithic silicon integrated circuit (IC) that performs switch monitoring functions. The device provides efficient interface between electrical switches and low voltage microprocessors. The MC33884 supplies switch contact pull­up and pull­down current while monitoring the input voltage level. All inputs are protected for transients when implemented with an appropriate static discharge capacitor used on the inputs. There are four modes of operation ­ Sleep, Normal, Polling, and Polling + INT Timer. Sleep mode reduces the current drain to a quiescent current level 10 mA and disables the IC. Normal mode interrupts the microprocessor whenever any external switch changes it's OPEN or CLOSED state. Polling mode reads a switch status periodically and interrupts the microprocessor only when an external switch is sensed as being CLOSED. The Polling + INT Timer mode is similar to the Polling mode, with the addition of an interrupt being sent to the microprocessor if a switch is sensed CLOSED or upon the internal interrupt timer "timing out". An interrupt is always ultimately sent to the microprocessor in this mode. All modes of operation are easily programmed via the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) control. The MC33884 has the following features: Full Operation with 7.0 V VPWR 26 V, Limited Operation with 5.5 V VPWR 7.0 V Input Voltage Range: 40 V Interfaces Directly to Microprocessors Using SPI Protocol 24­Lead Wide Body SOIC Package Wake­up on Change of Monitored Switch Status Programmable Wetting Current 4 Programmable Inputs to Monitor 4 Switch­to­Battery or 4 Switch­to­Ground Switches 6 (fixed function) Inputs to Monitor 6 Switch­to­Ground Switches 2 (fixed function) Inputs to Monitor 2 Switch­to­Battery Switches Standby Current During Normal Mode = 100 mA Quiescent Current in Sleep Mode < 10 mA Reset (RST) Input Defaults the Device to Sleep Mode Active Interrupt (INT) on Change of Switch State in Normal Mode 4 Modes of Operation (Sleep, Normal, Polling, Polling + INT Timer) Designed to Operate TA 105°C

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice.

Metallic or Non­metallic Enable or Disable Input Block (Tri­State)
Switch­Ground, Metallic or Non­metallic, Enable or Disable FIB (Tri­State)
Switch­Batt, Metallic or Non­metallic, Enable or Disable FIB (Tri­State)
Mode Switch Status Quiescent Current Control


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