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CategoryPower Management => Power Distribution/Switches
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Some Part number from the same manufacture Motorola Semiconductor Products
MC33886DH 5.2 a H-bridge
MC33887 Integrated H-bridge With Sleep Mode
MC33887DH MC33288 Advance Information - Solid State Relay For Automotive Flasher Applications
MC33888 Quad High Side Switch With Current Sense
MC33888FB MC33888FB Quad High Side And Octal Low Side Switch For Automotive
MC33889 System Base Chip - Lite With Low Speed CAN
MC33889DW MC33889 System Basis Chip With Low Speed Fault Tolerant CAN Interface
MC3392DW Low Side Protected Switch
MC33972 Multi SW Detect Interface W/suppressed Wake-up
MC33982 Intelligent High Current Self-protected Hi-side Switch
MC33984 Dual Intelligent High-current Self-protected Silicon High-side Switch
MC33989 System Base Chip With High Speed CAN
MC33989DW MC33989 System Basis Chip With High Speed CAN Transceiver
MC33990 J1850 Serial Transceiver With Enhanced Ground
MC33990D Enhanced Class B Serial Transceiver
MC33991 Dual Gauge Driver Integrated Circuit

MC10174L : Quad 4 to 1 Multiplexer

MC10SX1130D : Led Driver

MC74ACT256D : Dual 4-bit Addressable Latch

MC908GR8CDWR2 : M68HC08 Family MC68HC908GR8 Technical Data

MCM72CB32SG100 : 256kb And 512kb Burstram Secondary Cache Module For Pentium

MHW1815 : MHW1815 1805-1880 Mhz, 15 W, 26 V, 32 DB RF Microwave Bipolar Power Amplifier - Archived

MMDF3C03HD : Complementary Dual Tmos Power Fet 30 Volts

MPC8240EC :

1M170ZS10 : 1.0 WATT Surmetic 30 Silicon Zener Diodes

MHPM6B15N120SS : Hybrid Power Module

MCF51QE64CLH : 32-bit Version 1 Coldfire¢ç Central Processor Unit (cpu)

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