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DescriptionIntegrated H-bridge With Sleep Mode
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Solid State Relay for Automotive Flasher Applications

This device is a Dual High Side Power Switch dedicated for automotive flasher applications. In comparison with mechanical solutions, this device offers higher reliability as well as protection and diagnostic features. The device consists of two 25m Rdson fully protected high side switches, in a surface mount power package. It interfaces directly with a microcontroller and includes a current recopy function in order to allow the detection of a failed lamp in the application.


Designed for Automotive Flasher Applications Junction Temperature Range from to 150°C Operating Voltage Range from to 35V Maximum Breakdown Voltage greater than 40V Protected in case of loss of ground Surface Mount Power Package 25m Rdson per Channel 25°C 8Amps Nominal Current per Channel 1.2W Warning Lamp Driver Overtemperature Protection with Hysteresis Open Load Detection in On-State Short-Circuit Protection Overload Current Protection Current Recopy to Monitor Lamp Output Current Under Voltage Shutdown ESD Protection 2kV Standby Current less than 10µA at Vbat less than 14V

VBAT 10k OUT-1 Buzzer IN-1 I/O IN-2 ST Cur R A/D Warning switch Gnd dashboard direction indicator Wlp 1.2W Car right side lamps This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice.


The backside TAB is connected to the power supply of the MC33288DH. In addition to its supply function, this pin contributes to the thermal behaviour of the device by conducting the heat from the switching MOSFET to the printed circuit board. Pins 6,7,8 are the source of the 25mOhm MOSFET1. Pins 13,14,15 are source of the output 25mOhm MOSFET2. They deliver current to the connected loads and are respectively controlled via the IN1 and IN2 pins. These outputs are current limited and thermally protected. These are the device input pins which directly control their associated outputs. The levels are CMOS compatible. When the input is a logic low, the associated output MOSFET is in the off state. When input is high, the MOSFET is turned on and the load is activated. When both inputs are low, the device is in standby mode and its supply current is reduced. Each input pin has an internal active pull down, so that it will not float if disconnected. The Fault output is an open drain indication that goes active low when a fault mode (Openload, Overtemp) is detected by the device on either one channel or both simultaneously. Its internal structure is an open drain architecture with an internal clamp 6V. An external pull up resistor connected to Vdd (5V) is needed. See Functional Truth Table. This pin is the source a 3.2 Ohm MOSFET. This output is current limited and thermally protected. It delivers current through the connected load when both IN1 and IN2 inputs are logic high. It is usually used as a warning lamp driver for Flasher application. The Current Sense pin deliver a ratioed amount (1/1000) of the sum of the currents that can be used to generate signal ground referenced output voltages for use by the microcontroller. These pins are not used. These pins must not be connected. This is the Ground pin of the device.

OUT1 OUTPUT Channel 1 OUT 2 OUTPUT Channel IN 1 INPUT Channel IN 2 INPUT Channel 2
Cur R Load Current Sense NC Not Connected DNC Do Not Connect GND GROUND

Battery Cb Out-2 Charge Pump 21+5W Trailor Left side 5V 21+21+5W Left side 10K Input Trigger CHANNEL 2 Left Over Temp Over Current V batc Open Load Fault St-1 Monitoring CHANNEL 1 Right Vbat Drive & protect Warning Lamp Driver Wlp Current Recopy 1 21+21+5W Right side Out-1 V bat

Openload Channel 1 Openload Channel 2 Overtemp Channel 1 Overtemp Channel 2 Overtemp Channel 1 and Channel 2 Overcurrent or Current limit Channel 1 (note) Overcurrent or Current Limit Channel 2 (note)

NOTES : In case of over current or short-circuit, the device will not report the fault to the status pins. The output current will be limited to the Ilim value. The device will probably heat up and in this case the overtemperature detection will be triggered. If so, the output will be turned off and the fault will be reported to the status pins.


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