Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MC33887DWB/R2
Description5.0 A H-bridge with Load Current Feedback
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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The is a monolithic H-Bridge Power IC with a load current feedback feature making it ideal for closed-loop DC motor control. The IC incorporates internal control logic, charge pump, gate drive, and low RDS(ON) MOSFET output circuitry. The 33887 is able to control inductive loads with continuous DC load currents 5.0 A, and with peak current active limiting between 5.2 A and 7.8 A. Output loads can be pulse width modulated (PWM-ed) at frequencies to 10 kHz. The load current feedback feature provides a proportional 375th of the load current) constant-current output suitable for monitoring by a microcontroller's A/D input. This feature facilitates the design of closed-loop torque/speed control as well as open load detection. A Fault Status output pin reports undervoltage, short circuit, and overtemperature conditions. Two independent inputs provide polarity control of two half-bridge totem-pole outputs. Two disable inputs force the H-Bridge outputs to tri-state (exhibit high impedance). The 33887 is parametrically specified over a temperature range TA 125C and a voltage range 28 V. Operation with voltages 40 V with derating of the specifications. Features Fully specified operation 28 V Limited operation with reduced performance 120 m RDS(ON) Typical H-Bridge MOSFETs TTL/CMOS Compatible Inputs PWM Frequencies to 10 kHz Active Current Limiting (Regulation) Fault Status Reporting Sleep Mode with Current Draw 50 A (Inputs Floating or Set to Match Default Logic States) Pb-Free Packaging Designated by Suffix Codes VW and EK


Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. reserves the right to change the detail specifications, as may be required, to permit improvements in the design of its products.

Analog Integrated Circuit Device Data Freescale Semiconductor

Tab Figure 3. 33887 Pin Connections Table 1. 33887 HSOP PIN DEFINITIONS A functional description of each pin can be found in the Functional Pin DescriptionS section, page 21.

Pin 1 2 Pin Name AGND FS Formal Name Analog Ground Fault Status for H-Bridge Definition Low-current analog signal ground. Open drain active LOW Fault Status output requiring a pull-up resistor 5.0 V. Logic input control of OUT1 (i.e., IN1 logic HIGH = OUT1 HIGH). Positive supply connections Output 1 of H-Bridge. Current sensing feedback output providing ground referenced (0.00266) of H-Bridge high-side current. High-current power ground. Active LOW input used to simultaneously tri-state disable both H-Bridge outputs. When D2 is Logic LOW, both outputs are tri-stated. Output 2 of H-Bridge. External reservoir capacitor connection for internal charge pump capacitor. Active HIGH input used to simultaneously tri-state disable both H-Bridge outputs. When D1 is Logic HIGH, both outputs are tri-stated. Logic input control of OUT2 (i.e., IN2 logic HIGH = OUT2 HIGH). Logic input Enable control of device (i.e., EN logic HIGH = full operation, EN logic LOW = Sleep Mode). Exposed pad thermal interface for sinking heat from the device. Note Must be DC-coupled to analog ground and power ground via very low impedance path to prevent injection of spurious signals into IC substrate.

Logic Input Control 1 Positive Power Supply H-Bridge Output 1 Feedback for H-Bridge
H-Bridge Output 2 Charge Pump Capacitor Disable 1


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