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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Regulators
DescriptionMC33889 System Basis Chip With Low Speed Fault Tolerant CAN Interface
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Features, Applications

System Basis Chip Lite with Low Speed Fault Tolerant CAN Interface

The is a monolithic integrated circuit combining many functions frequently used by automotive ECUs. It incorporates a low speed fault tolerant CAN physical interface. Main features: Vdd1: 5V Low drop voltage regulator, current limitation, over temperature detection, monitoring and reset function. Total current capability 200mA. V2: Tracking function of Vdd1 regulator. Control circuitry for external bipolar ballast transistor for high flexibility in choice of peripheral voltage and current supply. Four operational modes: normal, stand-by, stop and sleep modes. Low stand-by current consumption in stop and sleep modes Built in Low speed 125KBaud fault tolerant CAN physical interface, compatible with Motorola MC33388. External high voltage wake-up input, associated with HS1 Vbat switch 150mA output current capability for HS1 Vbat switch allowing drive of external switches pull up resistors or relays Vsup monitoring and failure detection DC Operating voltage from 27V 40V maximum transient voltage Programmable software time out and window watchdog Separate outputs for Watchdog time out signal (WDOGB) and Reset (Reset). Wake up capabilities: wake up input, programmable cyclic sense, forced wake up, CAN interface, SPI (CSB pin) and stop mode over current. Interface with MCU through 4 Mhz SPI. SO28WB package with thermal enhanced lead frame.

Vsup monitor CAN supply Dual Voltage Regulator 5V/200mA Vdd1 Monitor Mode control
Vsup Rrth Rth CAN H CAN L Rrtl Rtl Low Speed 125Kbit/s Fault Tolerant CAN Physical Interface

PC33889DW This document contains information on a product under development. Motorola reserves the right to change or discontinue this product without notice. Motorola, Inc., 2002. All rights reserved.

Supply Voltage at Vsup - Continuous voltage - Transient voltage (Load dump) Logic Inputs (Rx, Tx, MOSI, MISO, CSB, SCLK, Reset, WDOGB, INTB) Output current HS1 - voltage - output current ESD voltage (HBM 1.5k) - CANL, CANH, Rtl, Rth, L1 - All other pins ESD voltage (Machine Model) All pins - DC Input voltage - DC Input current - Transient input current (according to ISO7637 specification) and with external component tbd. CAN related pins: CANH, CANL, RTL, RTH, Tx, Rx (refer to CAN section)

Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Ambient Temperature (for info only) Thermal resistance junction to gnd pin (note 1)

Note 1: gnd pins Figure 1. Transient test pulse for L0 and L1 inputs

(Vsup From to 18V and Tj from to 125C) unless otherwise noted. For all pins except can related pins

Characteristics Description Vsup pin (Device power supply) Nominal DC Voltage range Extended DC Voltage range 1 Extended DC Voltage range 2 Input Voltage during Load Dump Input Voltage during jump start Supply Current in Sleep Mode (note 2,4)

uA Reduced functionality (note 1) (note 3) Load dump situation Jump start situation & V2 off, Vsup<12V, oscillator running (note 5) excluding CAN current & V2 off, Vsup<12V oscillator not running (note5) excluding CAN current, & V2 off, Vsup>12V oscillator running (note 5) excluding CAN current Iout Vdd1 =10mA, CAN recessive state or disabled Iout Vdd1 =10mA, CAN recessive state or disabled Vdd1 on (note 6), Vsup<12V oscillator running (note 5) excluding CAN current, Vdd1 on (note 6), Vsup<12V oscillator not running (note 5) excluding CAN current (note6), Vsup>12 oscillator running (note 5) excluding CAN current

Supply Current in Stand-by Mode (note 2,4) Supply Current in Normal Mode (note 2) Supply Current in Stop mode (note 2,4) I out Vdd1 <2mA Supply Current in Stop mode (note 2,4) Iout < 2mA Supply Current in Stop mode (note 2,4) Iout < 2mA Supply Fail Flag internal threshold Supply Fail Flag hysteresis Battery fall early warning threshold Battery fall early warning hysteresis

Isup (stop1) Isup (stop2) Isup (stop3) Vthresh Vdet hyst BFew BFewh 0.1 1.5
V guaranteed by design In normal & standby mode In normal & standby mode, guaranteed by design

note 1: Vdd1>4V, reset high, logic pin high level reduced, device is functional. note 2: current measured at Vsup pin. note 3: Device is fully functional. All modes available and operating, Watchdog, HS1 turn ON turn OFF, CAN cell operating, L0 and L1 inputs operating, SPI read write operation. Over temperature may occur. note 4: Excluding the CAN cell current. An additional 30uA typical must be added to specified value. note 5: Oscillator running means "Forced Wake Up" or "Cyclic Sense" or "Software Watchdog" timer activated. note 6: Vdd ON with2mA typical output current capability. Vdd1 (external 5V output for MCU supply). Idd1 is the total regulator output current. Vdd specification with external capacitor C>=22uF and ESR<1O ohm. Vdd1 Output Voltage Vdd1 Output Voltage Drop Voltage Vsup>Vddout Drop Voltage Vsup>Vddout, limited output current Idd1 Output Current Vdd1 Output Voltage in stop mode Vdd1dp2 Idd1 Vddstop V Idd1 from 200mA 5.5V< Vsup <27V Idd1 from 200mA 4.5V< Vsup 50mA 4.5V< Vsup <27V Internally limited Iout < 2mA


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