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CategoryPower Management
DescriptionLow Side Protected Switch
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Features, Applications

The is a low side protected switch designed for use in harsh automotive applications which require the capability of handling high voltages attributed to load and field dump transients, in addition to reverse and double battery conditions. The three terminal TO­220 is intended to replace power Darlington transistors in new and existing switching applications when taking into account the CMOS input levels required by the MC3392. It offers improved functionality and ruggedness over power Darlingtons while retaining the same package and pin configuration, and can be used as a replacement in many applications using the industry standard TIP100/101 NPN power Darlington transistor. The five­terminal TO­220 has the added feature of having a Fault output (active low) which will indicate the existence of an over temperature, over­voltage or current limit condition, including an output short to ground. When driving a moderate load, the MC3392 performs as an extremely high gain, low saturation Darlington transistor having CMOS input levels. The primary advantage of the MC3392 over a Darlington transistor is the additional protection afforded the device and load when driving difficult or faulty loads. This device incorporates unique internal current limit and thermal protection circuitry to safeguard itself and the associated load from catastrophic failure. The MC3392 is available in a three and five­lead TO­220 package; the five­lead having the added diagnostic feature. The full featured MC3392 is also available a 16 pin wide body SOIC plastic power package. Designed for Automotive Applications

Can Be Used as a Replacement for TIP100/101 NPN Power Darlingtons Drives Inductive Loads without External Clamp Circuitry Withstands Negative and Positive Transient Voltages Low ON Voltage CMOS Logic Compatible Input Over Current, Overvoltage, and Thermal Protection Extended Operating Temperature Range Fault Output

Operating Temperature Range Package Plastic Power to +125°C Plastic Power SOP(8+8)L

Rating Input Voltage Range Output Transient Breakdown Voltage ­ Forward Output Transient Breakdown Voltage ­ Reverse Short Circuit Current Output Avalanche Energy (Note 1) Minimum ESD Voltage Capability (Note 2) Operating Junction Temperature Internally Limited (Note 3) Storage Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Range Thermal Resistance (Notes 5) TO­220: Junction­to­Ambient Junction­to­Case SOP: Junction­to­Ambient Junction­to­Case Symbol Vin VBF VBR ISC Emax ESD TJ Tstg TA RJA RJC RJA RJC Value to +125 Unit V °C °C/W

NOTES: 1. Capability for both positive and negative repetitive transient pulses. 2. ESD testing performed in accordance with Human Body Model (CZap = 100 pF, RZap 1500 3. This device incorporates internal circuit techniques which do not allow the internal junction temperature to reach destructive temperatures. 4. The thermal resistance case is considered be a point located near the center of the tab and plastic body of the or a point on one of the heatsink leads (Pins 16) of the SOP. 5. The SOP thermal information is based on simulation data.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Limit values are noted under conditions: TA +125°C. Typical denotes calculated mean

value derived from 25°C parametric data, unless otherwise noted.) Characteristics Input Control Current Vin 1.0 V Vin 4.0 V Vin 5.0 V Input Voltage High (On) Input Voltage Low (Off) Output Leakage Current +VS = 0 Output Short Circuit Current +VS = 0 Output On Voltage (Vin 4.0 V, Note 800 mA Output Clamp Voltage 100 mA Reverse Leakage Current Vout ­13 V Fault Output Sink Saturation (ISink = 100 µA, Vin 5.0 V) Fault Output Off­State Leakage (VDS 5.0 V) Turn­On Time (400 mA Nominal) Turn­Off Time (400 mA Nominal) Propagation Delay Time Input to Output (Turn­On/Turn­Off, 50%)

Pin Number Name Vin Vout Gnd Fault 16 6 Description CMOS compatible input. Pins no connection on 751G. Output to load and battery, protected 60 V clamp against inductive load transients. Ground connection. Fault output pulled low when the IC is operating in a fault state. The open drain output requires a pull­up resistor for normal operation.

+VS Vin CMOS Input Fast Turnoff Over Voltage Detect Q4 60V Thermal Shutdown Current Limit Q5 7.2V Fault ­ 5.0V Vout Q3

Definition of Currents and Voltages. Positive current flow is defined as conventional current flow into the device. Negative current flow is defined as current flow out of the device. All voltages are referenced to ground. Both currents and voltages are specified as absolute (i.e., V is greater than ­1.0 V).


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