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TitleAccessory Control
DescriptionGauge Driver Integrated Circuit
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Preliminary Information Gauge Driver Integrated Circuit

The is a single packaged, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) controlled, dual stepper motor gauge driver Integrated Circuit (IC). This monolithic IC consists of four dual output H-Bridge coil drivers and the associated control logic. Each pair of H-Bridge drivers is used to automatically control the speed, direction and magnitude of current through the two coils a 2-phase instrumentation stepper motor, similar to an MMT licensed AFIC 6405. This device is ideal for use in automotive instrumentation systems requiring distributed and flexible stepper motor gauge driving. The device also eases the transition to stepper motors from air core motors by emulating the air core pointer movement with little additional processor bandwidth utilization. The device has many attractive features including:

MMT-licensed two-phase stepper motor compatible Minimal processor overhead required Fully integrated pointer movement and position state machine with air core movement emulation 4096 possible steady state pointer positions 340 maximum pointer sweep Linear 4500 2 Max pointer velocity of 400 Analog micro stepping (12 steps/degree of pointer movement) Pointer calibration and return to zero SPI controlled 16-bit word Calibratable Internal Clock Low Sleep mode current 33991 Simplified Application Schematic

This document contains information on a product under development. Motorola reserves the right to change or discontinue this product without notice. Motorola, Inc. 2002

LOGIC Under & Over Voltage Detect Oscillator
24 Wide Body SOIC Thermally Enhanced Lead Frame RJ-LEAD = 15 C/W

Pin Number Pin Name SIN0GND CS Description H-Bridge Output. This is the output pin of a half bridge, designed to source or sink current. The H-Bridge pins linearly drive the sine and cosine coils of two separate stepper motors to provide four-quadrant operation. H-Bridge Output. This is the output pin of a half bridge, designed to source or sink current. The H-Bridge pins linearly drive the sine and cosine coils of two separate stepper motors to provide four-quadrant operation. H-Bridge Output. This is the output pin of a half bridge, designed to source or sink current. The H-Bridge pins linearly drive the sine and cosine coils of two separate stepper motors to provide four-quadrant operation. H-Bridge Output. This is the output pin of a half bridge, designed to source or sink current. The H-Bridge pins linearly drive the sine and cosine coils of two separate stepper motors to provide four-quadrant operation. Ground. These pins serve as the ground for the source of the low-side output transistors as well as the logic portion of the device. They also help dissipate heat from the device. Chip Select. This pin is connected to a chip select output of a LSI IC. This IC controls which device is addressed by pulling the CS pin of the desired device low, enabling the SPI communication with the device, while other devices on the serial link keep their serial outputs tri-stated. This input has an internal active pull-up and requires CMOS logic levels. This pin is also used to calibrate the internal clock. Serial Clock. This pin is connected to the SCLK pin of the master device and acts as a bit clock for the SPI port. It transitions one time per bit transferred at an operating frequency, fSPI, defined in the Coil Output Timing Table. It is idle between command transfers. The pin is 50 percent duty cycle, with CMOS logic levels. This signal is used to shift data to and from the device. Serial Output. This pin is connected to the SPI Serial Data Input pin of the master device, or to the SI pin of the next device in a daisy chain. This output will remain tri-stated unless the device is selected by a low CS signal. The output signal generated will have CMOS logic levels and the output data will transition on the rising edges of SCLK. The serial output data provides status feedback and fault information for each output and is returned MSB first when the device is addressed. Serial Input. This pin is connected to the SPI Serial Data Output pin of the master device from which it receives output command data. This input has an internal active pull-down requiring CMOS logic levels. The serial data transmitted on this line a 16-bit control command sent MSB first, controling the gauge functions. The master ensures data is available on the falling edge of SCLK. Multiplexed Output. This multiplexed output pin of the non-driven coil during an RTZ event. Voltage. This SPI and logic power supply input will work with 5.0 V supplies.


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