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DescriptionSwitching Power Supply With Linear Regulators
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Advance Information Switching Power Supply with Linear Regulators

The is a medium-power, multi-output power supply integrated circuit that is capable of operating over a wide input voltage range, from 26.5 V with 40 V transient capability. It incorporates a sensorless current mode control step-down switching controller regulating directly 5.0 V. The 2.6 V linear regulator uses an external pass transistor to reduce the 33998 power dissipation. The 33998 also provides 2.6 V linear standby regulator and two 5.0 V sensor supply outputs protected by internal low-resistance LDMOS transistors. There are two separate enable pins for the main and sensor supply outputs and standard supervisory functions such as resets with power-up reset delay. The 33998 provides proper power supply sequencing for advanced microprocessor architectures such as the Motorola MPC5xx and 683xx microprocessor families. Features Operating Voltage Range (40 V transient) Step-Down Switching Regulator Output VDDH 1400 mA (total) Linear Regulator with External Pass Transistor VDDL @ 400 mA Low-Power Standby Linear Regulator VKAM @ 10 mA Two 200 mA (typical) Sensor Supplies VREF Protected Against Short-to-Battery and Short-to-Ground with Retry Capability Undervoltage Shutdown on the VDDL, VDDH Outputs with Retry Capability Reset Signals Power-Up Delay Enable Pins for Main Supplies (EN) and Sensor Supplies (SNSEN) Power Sequencing for Advanced Microprocessor Architectures SOIC-24WB Package

Device MC33998DW/R2 Temperature Range (TA) to 125°C Package 24 SOICW

This document contains certain information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. © Motorola, Inc. 2003

Enb Retry Sns enb V REF2 Reg. 5.0 V VRE F2 Charge Pump PwrOK En able Co ntrol Sn senb E nb POR V bg

Pin Name VKAMOK KA_VPWR CRES VPWR Description Keep-Alive Output Monitoring. This pin is an "open-drain" output that will be used with a discrete pull-up resistor to VKAM. When the supply voltage to the 33998 is disconnected or lost, the VKAMOK signal goes low. Keep Alive Power Supply Pin. This supply pin is used in modules that have both direct battery connections and ignition switch activated connections. Reservoir Capacitor. This pin is tied to an external "reservoir capacitor" for the internal charge pump. Power Supply Pin. Main power input to the IC. This pin is directly connected to the switching regulator power MOSFET. In automotive applications this pin must be protected against reverse battery conditions by an external diode. Ground of the integrated circuit. Internal P-Channel Power MOSFET Drain. VSW is the "switching node" of the voltage buck converter. This pin is connected to the VPWR pin by an integrated p-channel MOSFET. Power OK Reset Pin. This pin is an "open-drain" output that will be used with a discrete pull-up resistor to VKAM, VDDH, or VDDL. When either VDDH or VDDL output voltage goes out of the regulation limits this pin is pulled down. Step-Down Switching Regulator Feedback Pin. The FBKB pin is the VDDH feedback signal for the switching regulator. Error Amplifier "Summing Node". The VSUM pin is connected to the inverting input of the error amplifier. This node is also the "common" point of the integrated feedback resistor divider. Drive for VDDL (2.6 V) Regulator. The DRVL pin drives the base of an external NPN pass transistor for the VDDL linear post regulator. The collector of the VDDL pass transistor is connected to VDDH. An example of a suitable pass transistor is BCP68. Feedback for VDDL (2.6 V) Regulator. The FBL pin is the voltage feedback sense signal from the VDDL (2.6 V) linear post regulator. VDDH is an input supply pin providing power for the buffered sensor supplies and the drive circuitry for the 2.6 V linear power regulator. The VDDH pin is supplied from the switching regulator output, capable of providing 1400 mA total output current. Sensor Supply #2 Output. The VREF2 pin is sensor supply output #2. Ground of the integrated circuit. Sensor Supply #1 Output. The VREF1 pin is sensor supply output #1.


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