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CategoryCommunication => Telephony => Tone Ringer
DescriptionMC34017 Telephone Tone Ringer
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Complete Telephone Bell Replacement Circuit with Minimum External Components On­Chip Diode Bridge and Transient Protection Direct Drive for Piezoelectric Transducers Push Pull Output Stage for Greater Output Power Capability Base Frequency Options MC34017­1: 1.0 kHz MC34017­2: 2.0 kHz 500 Hz Input Impedance Signature Meets Bell and EIA Standards Rejects Rotary Dial Transients

2000 pF Piezo Sound Element Device MC34017D MC34017P Operating Temperature Range to +60°C Package SOIC Plastic DIP

This device contains 97 active transistors and 79 gates.

Rating Operating AC Input Current (Pins 1, 8) Transient Input Current (Pins 8) (T<2.0 ms) Voltage Applied at RC (Pin 6) Voltage Applied at RS (Pin 5) Voltage Applied to Outputs (Pins 2, 3) Power Dissipation 25°C) Operating Ambient Temperature Storage Temperature

Characteristic Ringing Start Voltage VStart VI at Ring Start < 0 Ringing Stop Voltage VStop VI at Ring Stop MC34017­2 MC34017­3 Output Frequencies (VI V) MC34017­1 High Tone MC34017­1 Low Tone MC34017­1 Warble Tone MC34017­2 High Tone MC34017­1 Low Tone MC34017­1 Warble Tone MC34017­3 High Tone MC34017­1 Low Tone MC34017­1 Warble Tone Output Voltage (VI 50 V) Output Short­Circuit Current Input Diode Voltage (II = 5.0 mA) Input Voltage ­ SCR "Off" (II = 30 mA) Input Voltage ­ SCR "On" (II = 100 mA) RS Clamp Voltage (VI 50 V) Test Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Vdc 1b 1c VStart VStop IRO2 VD Voff Von Vclamp Vpp mApp Vdc Hz Vdc

Pin Symbol RG RC Description The input terminals to the full­wave diode bridge. The ac ringing signal from the telephone line energizes the ringer through this bridge. The input of the threshold comparator to which diode bridge current is mirrored and sensed through an external resistor (R3). Nominal threshold 1.2 V. This pin internally clamps 1.5 V. The positive supply terminal for the oscillator, frequency divider and output buffer circuits. The tone ringer output terminals through which the sound element is driven. The negative terminal of the diode bridge and the negative supply terminal of the tone generating circuitry. The oscillator terminal for the external resistor and capacitor which control the tone ringer frequencies (R2, C2).


Characteristic Output Tone Frequencies MC34017­2 MC34017­3 Warble Frequencies Output Voltage (VI 60 Vrms, 20 Hz) Output Duty Cycle Ringing Start Input Voltage (20 Hz) Ringing Stop Input Voltage (20 Hz) Maximum AC Input Voltage ( 68 Hz) Impedance When Ringing = 40 Vrms, = 130 Vrms, 23 Hz Impedance When Not Ringing = 10 Vrms, = 2.5 Vrms, = 10 Vrms, = 3.0 Vrms, 3200 Hz Maximum Transient Input Voltage (T 2.0 ms) Ringer Equivalence: Class A Ringer Equivalence: Class B Typical Value Vpp % Vrms k Units Hz

Push Pull Output Buffer Oscillator 6 R2 Tone Frequency Divider


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