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DescriptionChroma 4 Video Processor
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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Advance Information Chroma 4 Multistandard Video Processor

The is a highly advanced circuit which performs most of the basic functions required for a color TV. All of its advanced features are under processor control via an I2C bus, enabling potentiometer controls to be removed completely. In this way the component count may be reduced dramatically, allowing significant cost savings together with the possibility of implementing sophisticated automatic test routines. Using the MC44002/7, TV manufacturers will be able to build a standard chassis for anywhere in the world. Additional features include 4 selectable matrix modes (primarily for NTSC), fast beam current limiting and 16:9 display. Operation from a Single 5.0 V Supply; Typical Current Consumption Only 120 mA Full PAL/SECAM/NTSC Capability (4 Matrix Modes)

Dual Composite Video or S-VHS Inputs All Chroma/Luma Channel Filtering, and Luma Delay Line Are Integrated Using Sampled Data Filters Requiring No External Components Filters Automatically Commutate with Change of Standard Chroma Delay Line is Realized with a 16 Pin Companion Device, the MC44140 RGB Drives Incorporate Contrast and Brightness Controls and Auto Gray Scale Switched RGB Inputs with Separate Saturation Control Auxiliary Y, R-Y, B-Y Inputs Line Timebase Featuring H-Phase Control, Time Constant and Switchable Phase Detector Gain Vertical Timebase Incorporating Vertical Geometry Corrections 16:9 Display Mode Capability E-W Parabola Drive Incorporating Horizontal Geometry Corrections Beam Current Monitor with Breathing Compensation Analog Contrast Control, Allowing Fast Beam Current Limitation MC44007 Decoders PAL/NTSC Only

ACC Video 2 Iref Clock Data V-Ramp V-Drive E-W Drive Video In 39 Osc Loop Filter 38 Ident 37 36 R-Y B-Y Outputs

35 VCC 34 Gnd 33 (17.7 MHz) 32 (14.3 MHz) 31 Sandcastle 30 System Select 29 Y1 Output 28 Y1 Clamp R-Y B-Y Inputs G B Inputs Crystals

IAnode 9 Analog Contrast 10 SECAM Cal Loop 11 H-Drive 12 H-Flyback Input 13 H-Loop Filter 1 R Outputs G B

Rating Supply Voltage Operating Ambient Temperature Storage Temperature Junction Temperature Drive Output Sink Current Applied Voltage Range: Feedback Anode Current All Other Pins ESD

Device Operating Temperature Range to +70°C Package Plastic DIP Plastic DIP

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice.

Rating Human Body Model Machine Model
Chroma Take­Off Filter SandCastle Luma Delay Peaking & Trap
Fast Comm. Red Green Blue Analog Contrast Red Green Blue
Clk Memory/Control Registers VSync Freq Divider Ramp Gen Iref Beam Current Monitor Parab Gen Rx/Tx
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 5.0 Vdc, = 70 µA, = 25°C, unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristic Supply Voltage Operating Current Reference Current, Input Voltage Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Ambient

NOTES: Composite Video Input Signal Level = 1.0 Vpp Black-to-White 0.Vpp7 , Syn-to-Black = 0.3 Vpp PAL/NTSC = 75% color bars; Burst = 300 mVpp SECAM = 75% color bars

Horizontal Timebase started (subaddress 00) Vertical Breathing control set 0 V All other analog controls set to midrange 32 Video Peaking P2, P3" bits high

VCC 5.0 V Iref = 25°C Video Composite Input = 1.0 Vpp ­ Black­to­White = 0.7 Vpp ­ Black­to­Sync = 0.3 Vpp Horizontal Timebase Started (Reg. 00) Vertical Breathing Control Set to 00 Pin 5.0 V PAL/NTSC = 75% Color Bars ­Burst = 300 mVpp SECAM = 75% Color Bars (MC44002 only) All Analog Controls Set to Midpoint (32) Luma Peaking at Min. = 111)

Name H EN BRI EN XS TEST FSI VD1 2xFh NORM HGAIN2 INTSEL Y2 EN SSD CALKIL BAI S­VHS Value Video Input 1 Selected Horizontal Drive Enabled "Bright" Sample "On" Horizontal Phase Detector Gain Reduced by 3 Enabled Luma Matrix Disabled Luma from Filters "On" RGB Inputs Enabled Pin 33 Crystal Enabled Outputs Sampled Once/Field 50 Hz Field Rate Low Pass Filter Enabled 4:3 Display Mode Horizontal Drive at 1xFh Horizontal Reference Divider for 17.7 MHz Horizontal Phase Detector Gain Reduced by 2 Enabled Long Vertical Time Constant External Luma Input "Off" SECAM Mode Select Enabled Horizontal Calibration Loop Enabled Vertical Blanking for 625 Lines Composite Video Input Function Status


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