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DescriptionNTSC Digital Video Encoder
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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The MC44722 and MC44723 are Digital Video Encoders (DVE). They convert ITU-601/656 standard 4:2:2 Bit-Paralellel data into analog composite video, S-Video or Y/Cb/Cr in PAL and NTSC formats. They accept the multiplexed ((CB,Y,CR)Y) signals from digital sources such as MPEG decoders and can act as a sync generator master. All video processing is done digitally and requires no external adjustment. Specifically designed for digital satellite, digital cable decoders and multimedia terminals.

World Wide Operation (PAL-BDGHI, PAL-N,PAL-M, NTSC-M) SMPTE 170M / ITU R 624 composite video output Programmable Color Sub-carrier Frequencies Analog Horizontal, Vertical, Frame or Composite Sync Outputs Sync Extraction From Digital Input Data (SAV, EAV) Sync Polarity and Horizontal Phase Control Master or Slave Sync (H/Vsync, H/Fsync, ITU-R656 slave) Operation Interlaced or Non-Interlaced Support ITU-601/656 8-bit ((CB,Y,CR)Y) Digital Input Luma 2X / Chroma 4X Oversampling Filtering External VBI Information Data Input (such as TeleText Information Data) CVBS / Cr Analog Outputs Through 10-bit DACs Easily programmed via Serial Bus I2C or SPI Bus) 2 Hardware I2C Chip Addresses Closed-Caption and CGMS Information data Insertion MACROVISION ver. 7.01 Anti-Copy Signal Insertion (MC44722 Only support NTSC mode) On Chip Color - bar Generator +3.3V Power Supply or +3.3V(Digital)/+5V(Analog) Power Supply Pin Compatible with MC44720FT

The MC44722 device is protected by U.S. patent number 4,631,603,4,577,216 and 4,819,098 and other intellectual property rights. The use of Macrovision's copy protection technology in the device must be authorized by Macrovision and is intended for home and other limited pay-per-view uses only, unless otherwise authorized in writing by Macrovision. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited.

This document contains information on a new product. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice.

CVBS / Cb CVBS / Cb CVBS/CbVdd Y YVdd / Cr CVdd DAVss Ibias PAL/NTSC DAVdd ChipA SDA/SI SCL/SCK VReff TEST DVdd DVss clock Reset

PIN NAME CVBS / Cb CVBS /Cb CVBS/CbVdd Y YVdd C/Cr C/CrVdd DAVss Ibias DAVdd VReff ChipA TEST SO SDA/SI SCL/SCK SEL DVss CLOCK DVdd Reset PAL/NTSC DVIN7~0 TVIN EXT F/Vsync Hsync TP8 TP7~5 DVss DVdd TP4~0 I/O DESCRIPTIONS Analog composite video signal output or Cb signal output current drive(positive) Analog composite video signal output or Cb signal output current drive(negative) Power Supply for CVBS / Cb DAC circuit Analog luminance signal output current drive(positive) Analog luminance signal output current drive(negative) Power Supply for Y DAC circuit Analog chrominance signal output or Cr signal output current drive(positive) Analog chrominance signal output or Cr signal output current drive(negative) Power Supply for / Cr DAC circuit Ground for DAC circuit Reference current for the 3 DACs Power Supply for DAC circuit Reference full scale voltage for the 3 DACs I2C chip address select )/1D(hex) } TEST pin(Ground) If SPI mode, serial data output If I2C mode, connect to Ground Serial data input, Open drain output / If SPI mode, serial data input Serial clock Connect to Ground / If SPI mode, this pin is chip select Ground for Digital circuit 27MHz clock input Power Supply for Digital circuit Reset signal, active LOW NTSC/PAL select. This pin active only Reset time. (NTSC : Low PAL : High ) 8-bit Multiplexed Y/Cr/Cb 4:2:2 data(CCIR Rec656) input(1) TEST data input Csync/Frame sync output or external VBI information input Frame sync or Vertical sync input/output Horizontal sync input/output for D/A converter test MUX switch in 8-bit Multiplexed Y/Cr/Cb 4:2:2 data(CCIR Rec656) input mode, or Test data input/output 8-bit Multiplexed 4:2:2 data(CCIR input(2), or Multiplexed Cr/Cb data (CCIR Rec656/601) input in 16-bit input mode (MSB TP7), or Test data input/output Ground for Digital circuit Power Supply for Digital circuit 8-bit Multiplexed 4:2:2 data(CCIR input(2), or Multiplexed Cr/Cb data (CCIR Rec656/601) input in 16-bit input mode (LSB TP0), or Test data input/output


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