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DescriptionPLL Tuned VHF Audio/ Video High Integration Modulator ICs
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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MC44BC375/D Rev. 01/2003 MC44BC375/U/J/T PLL Tuned VHF Audio/ Video High Integration Modulator ICs

Features. 2 Device Overview. 3 Maximum Ratings. 4 Thermal Rating. 4 Electrostatic Discharge 4 Electrical Characteristics 5 7 Pin Selection. 6 8 High Frequency Characteristics (U Version) 6 9 Video Characteristics. 7 10 Audio Characteristics. 7 11 Characterization Measurement Conditions 7 12 Modulator Functionality 11 13 Pin Circuit Schematics 14 MC44BC375U Application Schematic 15 Markings and Case Diagrams 16

This modulator circuit is for use in VCRs, set top boxes and similar devices. The device differences are as follows: MC44BC375U VHF & CH4] (Americas) MC44BC375J VHF & CH2] (Japan) MC44BC375T VHF [CH13] (Taiwan)


This document contains information on a product under development. Motorola reserves the right to change or discontinue this product without notice. © Motorola, Inc., 2002. All rights reserved.


Channels are selectable using pin Channel Selection (CHS) and tuned by a PLL. They do not require any external tank circuit components thus reducing the sensitivity of the PCB design and the need for external adjustments. The PLL obtains its reference from a 4MHz crystal oscillator. The sound subcarrier is also generated on-chip without external components. The or 5.5MHz Sound frequency is selectable using pin Sound Frequency Selection (SFS). The Picture to Sound subcarrier ratio is also selectable by pin Picture to Sound selection (PSS) to either 16dB. A Power Save function is selectable via pin Psave/LO which turns off all internal VCOs and mixers and simultaneously switches ON the Logic Output Port (LOP). No external Varicap Diodes/ Inductor nor other tuned components are needed. The MC44BC375/U/J/T also has the following features: Channel selected by CHS pin Integrated On-Chip Oscillator - No external tank circuit Extremely Low External Components Count Adjustable Video Modulation Depth (85% w/o adjustment) Peak White Clip Programmable Picture/Sound Carrier Ratio & 16dB) selected by PSS pin Integrated On-chip Programmable Sound Subcarrier Oscillator & 5.5MHz selected by SFS pin) No external varicaps Modulator Standby Mode selected by Psave/LO pin Transient Output Inhibit During PLL Lock-up at Power-on Logic Output Port selected by Psave/LO pin (Antenna Switch Driver) Extremely Robust ESD protection, Minimum 4kV, typical 6kV. Available in 80 dBuV RF output level (MC44BC375UA).

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Figure 2 shows a simplified block diagram of the MC44BC375U/J/Tdevice. The MC44BC375U/J/T device has two main sections: 1. A modulator section which accepts audio and video inputs and modulates the VHF carrier. 2. A PLL section to synthesize the UHF/VHF output channel frequency (from an integrated UHF oscillator, divided for VHF output) The high frequency BICMOS technology permits integration of tank circuit and certain filtering functions.

31.25kHz Sound PFD Sound Oscillator and FM Modulator Audio Ampli


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