Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MC74F86N
CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
DescriptionQuad 2-input Exclusive-OR GATE Fast Schottky TTL
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
DatasheetDownload MC74F86N datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: SN74F86N, CD54ACT86, CD54HCT86, CD74ACT86, CD74HCT86, SN54ACT86, SN54AHCT86, SN54ALS86, SN54LS86A, SN74ACT86
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Features, Applications

Symbol VCC TA Supply Voltage Operating Ambient Temperature Range Parameter IOH IOL Output Current High Output Current Low Min 55 0 Typ 5.0 25 Max mA Unit V C


Limits Symbol VIH VIL VIK VOH Parameter Input HIGH Voltage Input LOW Voltage Input Clamp Diode Voltage Output HIGH Voltage 54, 74 VOL IIH Output LOW Voltage Input HIGH Current IIL IOS ICC Input LOW Current Output Short Circuit Current (Note 60 15 Power Supply Current mA Min 0.8 1.2 Typ Max Unit A mA Test Conditions Guaranteed Input HIGH Voltage Guaranteed Input LOW Voltage VCC = MIN, IIN 18 mA IOH 1.0 mA IOH 1.0 mA IOL 20 mA VCC 4.50 V VCC 4.75 V VCC = MIN

VCC = MAX, VIN 2.7 V VCC = MAX, VIN 7.0 V VCC = MAX, VIN 0.5 V VCC = MAX, VOUT V 1-Input HIGH 1-Input LOW Inputs LOW VCC = MAX

NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as MIN or MAX, use the appropriate value specified under guaranteed operating ranges. 2. Not more than one output should be shorted at a time, nor for more than 1 second.

= +25C VCC 50 pF Symbol tPLH tPHL tPLH tPHL Parameter Propagation Delay (Other Input LOW) Propagation Delay (Other Input HIGH) Min Typ Max to +125C VCC 50 pF Min Max to 70C VCC 50 pF Min Max 7.5 ns Unit


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