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DescriptionPresettable Counters
CompanyMotorola Semiconductor Products
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The MC54/74HC160A and HC162A are identical in pinout to the LS160 and LS162, respectively. The device inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LSTTL outputs. The HC160A and HC162A are programmable BCD counters with asynchronous and synchronous Reset inputs, respectively. Output Drive Capability: 10 LSTTL Loads Outputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS, and TTL Operating Voltage Range: 6 V Low Input Current: 1 µA High Noise Immunity Characteristic of CMOS Devices In Compliance with the Requirements Defined by JEDEC Standard No. 7A Chip Complexity: 234 FETs or 58.5 Equivalent Gates

Inputs Clock Reset* Load Enable Output Q Reset Load Preset Data Count No Count No Count
Device HC160 HC162 Count Mode BCD Reset Mode Asynchronous Synchronous
* HC162A only. is an Asynchronous Reset Device H = high level L = low level X = don't care

This document contains information on a product under development. Motorola reserves the right to change or discontinue this product without notice.

Symbol VCC Vin Parameter Value Unit V DC Supply Voltage (Referenced to GND) DC Input Voltage (Referenced to GND) 0.5 to VCC to VCC Vout Iin DC Output Voltage (Referenced to GND) DC Input Current, per Pin mA Iout DC Output Current, per Pin ICC PD DC Supply Current, VCC and GND Pins Power Dissipation in Still Air, Plastic or Ceramic DIP SOIC Package Storage Temperature mW Tstg 65 to

This device contains protection circuitry to guard against damage due to high static voltages or electric fields. However, precautions must be taken to avoid applications of any voltage higher than maximum rated voltages to this high­impedance circuit. For proper operation, Vin and Vout should be constrained to the range GND (Vin or Vout) VCC. Unused inputs must always be tied to an appropriate logic voltage level (e.g., either GND or VCC). Unused outputs must be left open.

Lead Temperature, 1 mm from Case for 10 Seconds (Plastic DIP or SOIC Package) (Ceramic DIP)

Symbol VCC Parameter Min 2.0 0 Max 6.0 Unit V DC Supply Voltage (Referenced to GND) Vin, Vout TA DC Input Voltage, Output Voltage (Referenced to GND) Operating Temperature, All Package Types Input Rise and Fall Time (Figure 1) VCC

* Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device may occur. Functional operation should be restricted to the Recommended Operating Conditions. Derating Plastic DIP: ­ 10 mW/_C from to 125_C Ceramic DIP: ­ 10 mW/_C from to 125_C SOIC Package: ­ 7 mW/_C from to 125_C For high frequency or heavy load considerations, see Chapter 2 of the Motorola High­Speed CMOS Data Book (DL129/D).

Guaranteed Limit b l Symbol VIH P Parameter T Test C Conditions di i VCC U i Unit V Minimum High­Level Input Voltage Vout V or VCC 0.1 V |Iout| 20 µA VIL Maximum Low­Level Input Voltage Vout V or VCC 0.1 V |Iout| µA V VOH Minimum High­Level Output Voltage Vin = VIH or VIL |Iout| 20 µA Vin = VIH or VIL V |Iout| 2.4 m |Iout| 4.0 mA |Iout| 5.2 mA VOL Maximum Low­Level Output Voltage Vin = VIH or VIL |Iout| 20 µA Vin = VIH or VIL V |Iout| 2.4 m |Iout| 4.0 mA |Iout| 5.2 mA Iin Maximum Input Leakage Current Maximum Quiescent Supply Current (per Package) Vin = VCC or GND Vin = VCC or GND Iout 0 µA ICC NOTE: Information on typical parametric values can be found in Chapter 2 of the Motorola High­Speed CMOS Data Book (DL129/D).


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