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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Operational Amplifiers => High Speed
DescriptionLMH6715 - Dual Wideband Video op Amp, Package: Cerdip, Pin Nb=8
CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

The LMH6715 combines National's VIP10TM high speed complementary bipolar process with National's current feedback topology to produce a very high speed dual op amp. The LMH6715 provides 400MHz small signal bandwidth at a gain of +2V/V and 1300V/s slew rate while consuming only 5.8mA per amplifier from 5V supplies. The LMH6715 offers exceptional video performance with its 0.02% and 0.02 differential gain and phase errors for NTSC and PAL video signals while driving up to four back terminated 75 loads. The LMH6715 also offers a flat gain response to 100MHz and very low channel-tochannel crosstalk at 10MHz. Additionally, each amplifier can deliver 70mA of output current. This level of performance makes the LMH6715 an ideal dual op amp for high density, broadcast quality video systems. The LMH6715's two very well matched amplifiers support a number of applications such as differential line drivers and receivers. In addition, the LMH6715 is well suited for Sallen Key active filters in applications such as anti-aliasing filters for high speed A/D converters. Its small 8-pin SOIC package, low power requirement, low noise and distortion allow the LMH6715 to serve portable RF applications such as IQ channels.


= 100, typical values unless specified. n Very low diff. gain, phase: 0.02 n Wide bandwidth: 480MHz (AV +1V/V); 400MHz (AV n 0.1dB gain flatness 100MHz n Low power: n -70dB channel-to-channel crosstalk (10MHz) n Fast slew rate: 1300V/s n Unity gain stable n Improved replacement for CLC412


HDTV, NTSC & PAL video systems Video switching and distribution IQ amplifiers Wideband active filters Cable drivers DC coupled single-to-differential conversions

Differential Gain & Phase with Multiple Video Loads
Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (Soldering 10 sec)

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. ESD Tolerance (Note 4) Human Body Model Machine Model VCC IOUT Common-Mode Input Voltage Differential Input Voltage Maximum Junction Temperature 2000V 150V

Thermal Resistance Package SOIC (JC) 65C/W (JA) to +85C
Operating Temperature Range Nominal Operating Voltage

= 500, VCC = 100; unless otherwise specified. Boldface limits apply at the temperature extremes. Symbol SSBW LSBW GFP GFR LPD VN IN INN SNF XTLKA VIO DVIO IBN DIBN IBI DIBI PSRR Parameter -3dB Bandwidth -3dB Bandwidth Gain Flatness Peaking Rolloff Linear Phase Deviation Differential Gain Differential Phase Rise and Fall Time Settling Time to 0.05% Overshoot Slew Rate 2nd Harmonic Distortion 3rd Harmonic Distortion Equivalent Input Noise Non-Inverting Voltage Inverting Current Non-Inverting Current Noise Floor Crosstalk Input Offset Voltage Average Drift Input Bias Current Average Drift Input Bias Current Average Drift Power Supply Rejection Ratio 46 44 Inverting Non-Inverting Conditions VOUT = 300 VOUT = 300 VOUT 4.43MHz 0.5V Step 4V Step 2V Step 0.5V Step 2V Step 20MHz dB deg % deg ns % V/s dBc nV/ pA/ dB1Hz dB Min 280 Typ 400 170 Max Units MHz Frequency Domain Response

Symbol CMRR ICC Parameter Common Mode Rejection Ratio Supply Current per Amplifier

= 500, VCC = 100; unless otherwise specified. Boldface limits apply at the temperature extremes. Conditions RL = Min Typ Max Units dB mA

Miscellaneous Performance RIN CIN ROUT VO VOL CMIR IO Input Voltage Range Output Current Input Resistance Input Capacitance Output Resistance Output Voltage Range Non-Inverting Closed Loop = 100 Common Mode V mA

Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. Operating Ratings indicate conditions for which the device is intended to be functional, but specific performance is not guaranteed. For guaranteed specifications, see the Electrical Characteristics tables. Note 2: Electrical Table values apply only for factory testing conditions at the temperature indicated. Factory testing conditions result in very limited self-heating of the device such that TJ = TA. No guarantee of parametric performance is indicated in the electrical tables under conditions of internal self heating where TJ > TA. See Applications Section for information on temperature de-rating of this device." Min/Max ratings are based on product characterization and simulation. Individual parameters are tested as noted. Note 3: The maximum output current (IOUT) is determined by device power dissipation limitations. See the Power Dissipation section of the Application Division for more details. Note 4: Human body model, 1.5k in series with 100pF. Machine model, 0 In series with 200pF.

Package 8-pin SOIC Part Number LMH6715MA LMH6715MAX Package Marking LMH6715MA Transport Media Rails 2.5k Units Tape and Reel NSC Drawing M08A


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