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CategoryInterface and Interconnect => RS-422/RS-423
DescriptionDS26LS31M - Quad High Speed Differential Line Drivers, Package: Lcc, Pin Nb=20
CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
DatasheetDownload 5962F7802301Q2A datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: 5962-7802301M2A, DS26LS31ME-SMD, AM26C31, AM26C31-EP, AM26C31M, AM26C32, AM26C32-EP, AM26C32M, AM26LS31, AM26LS32A
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Features, Applications
DS26LS31C/DS26LS31M Quad High Speed Differential Line Driver

The is a quad differential line driver designed for digital data transmission over balanced lines. The DS26LS31 meets all the requirements of EIA Standard RS-422 and Federal Standard It is designed to provide unipolar differential drive to twisted-pair or parallel-wire transmission lines. The circuit provides an enable and disable function common to all four drivers. The DS26LS31 features TRI-STATE outputs and logically ANDed complementary outputs. The inputs are all LS compatible and are all one unit load.


Output skew 2.0 ns typical Input to output delay 10 ns typical Operation from single 5V supply Outputs won't load line when VCC = 0V Four line drivers in one package for maximum package density Output short-circuit protection Complementary outputs Meets the requirements of EIA Standard RS-422 Pin compatible with AM26LS31 Available in military and commercial temperature range

Top View Order Number or DS26LS31CN See NS Package or N16E For Complete Military Product Specifications, refer to the appropriate SMD or MDS. Order Number or DS26LS31MW/883 See NS Package or W16A

TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Voltage (Power OFF) Maximum Power Dissipation (Note at 25C Cavity Package Molded DIP Package SO Package 1051 mW

Note 1: Derate cavity package 10.1 mW/C above 25C; derate molded DIP package 11.9 mW/C above 25C; derate SO package 8.41 mW/C above 25C.

Symbol VOH VOL VIH VIL IIL IIH II IO VCL ISC ICC Parameter Output High Voltage Output Low Voltage Input High Voltage Input Low Voltage Input Low Current Input High Current Input Reverse Current TRI-STATE Output Current Input Clamp Voltage Output Short-Circuit Current Power Supply Current All Outputs Disabled or Active VIN = 0.4V VIN = 2.7V VIN = 0.5V IIN 35 -40 Conditions IOH -20 mA IOL 20 mA Min 2.5 0.5 Typ Max Units V mA

VCC = 25C Symbol tPLH tPHL Skew tLZ tHZ tZL tZH Parameter Input to Output Input to Output to Output Enable to Output Enable to Output Enable to Output Enable to Output Conditions = 10 pF, S2 Open = 10 pF, S1 Open = 30 pF, S2 Open = 30 pF, S1 Open Min Typ Max Units ns

Note 2: "Absolute Maximum Ratings" are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed. They are not meant to imply that the devices should be operated at these limits. The tables of "Electrical Characteristics" provide conditions for actual device operation. Note 3: Unless otherwise specified min/max limits apply across the to +125C temperature range for the DS726LS31M and across the to +70C range for the DS26LS31. All typicals are given for = 5V and = 25C. Note 4: All currents into device pins are positive; all currents out of device pins are negative. All voltages are referenced to ground unless otherwise specified. Note 5: Only one output at a time should be shorted.

S1 and S2 of load circuit are closed except where shown.
Typical Applications
Note RT is optional although highly recommended to reduce reflection.


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