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CategoryInterface and Interconnect => RS-485
DescriptionDS16F95 - EIA-485/EIA-422A Differential Bus Transceivers, Package: Lcc, Pin Nb=20
CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

The DS16F95/DS36F95 Differential Bus Transceiver is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for bidirectional data communication on balanced multipoint bus transmission lines. The transceiver meets both EIA-485 and EIA-422A standards. The DS16F95/DS36F95 offers improved performance due to the use of L-FAST bipolar technology. The L-FAST technology allows for higher speeds and lower currents by minimizing gate delay times. Thus, the DS16F95 and DS36F95 consume less power, and feature an extended temperature range as well as improved specifications. The DS16F95/DS36F95 combines a TRI-STATE differential line driver and a differential input line receiver, both of which operate from a single 5.0V power supply. The driver and receiver have an active Enable that can be externally connected to function as a direction control. The driver differential outputs and the receiver differential inputs are internally connected to form differential input/output (I/O) bus ports that are designed to offer minimum loading to the bus whenever the driver is disabled or when VCC = 0V. These ports feature wide positive and negative common mode voltage ranges, making the device suitable for multipoint applications in noisy environments. The driver is designed to accommodate loads mA of sink or source current and features positive and negative current limiting in addition to thermal shutdown for protection from line fault conditions. The DS16F95/DS36F95 can be used in transmission line applications employing the DS96F172 and the DS96F174 quad differential line drivers and the DS96F173 and DS96F175 quad differential line receivers.


Meets EIA-485 and EIA-422A Meets SCSI-1 (5 MHZ) specifications Designed for multipoint transmission Wide positive and negative input/output bus voltage ranges Thermal shutdown protection Driver positive and negative current-limiting High impedance receiver input Receiver input hysteresis 50 mV typical Operates from single 5.0V supply Reduced power consumption Pin compatible with DS3695 and SN75176A Military temperature range available Qualified for MIL-STD 883C Standard Military Drawings (SMD) available Available in DIP (J), SOIC (M), LCC (E), and Flatpak (W) packages

H = High Level L = Low Level X = Immaterial Z = High Impedance (Off)
TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.

Specifications for the 883 version of this product are listed separately on the following pages. Storage Temperature Range to +175C Lead Temperature (Soldering, 60 sec.) 300C Maximum Package Power Dissipation (Note at 25C 'J' Package 1300 mW 'M' Package 735 mW Supply Voltage 7.0V Input Voltage (Bus Terminal) +15V/-10V Enable Input Voltage 5.5V

Min Supply Voltage (VCC) DS16F95 4.50 Voltage at Any Bus Terminal (Separately or Common Mode) -7.0 (VI or VCM) Differential Input Voltage (VID) Output Current HIGH (IOH) Driver Receiver Output Current LOW (IOL) Driver Receiver Operating Temperature (TA) DS16F95 -55

Over recommended supply voltage and operating temperature ranges, unless otherwise specified Symbol VIH VIL VOH VOL VIC |VOD1| |VOD2| |VOD| Parameter Input Voltage HIGH Input Voltage LOW Output Voltage HIGH Output Voltage LOW Input Clamp Voltage Differential Output Voltage Differential Output Voltage Change in Magnitude of Differential Output Voltage (Note 5) VOC |VOC| Common Mode Output Voltage (Note 6) Change in Magnitude of Common Mode Output Voltage (Note 5) Output Current (Note 9) (Includes Receiver II) IIH IIL IOS Input Current HIGH Input Current LOW Short Circuit Output Current (Note VO = VCC = +12V Output Disabled 3.0 V IOH -55 mA IOL = 100, Figure = 54, Figure to +70C Conditions Min 2.0 0.8 Typ Max Units

Symbol ICC ICCX Parameter Supply Current (Total Package) No Load, All Inputs Open

Over recommended supply voltage and operating temperature ranges, unless otherwise specified Conditions = 0.8V Outputs Enabled = 2V Outputs Disabled 25 Min Typ Max 28 mA Units

VCC = 25C Symbol tDD tTD tPLH tPHL tZH tZL tHZ tLZ tLZL tSKEW Parameter Differential Output Delay Time Differential Output Transition Time Propagation Delay Time, Low-to-High Level Output Propagation Delay Time, High-to-Low Level Output Enable Time to High Level Output Enable Time to Low Level Output Disable Time from High Level Output Disable Time from Low Level Output Disable Time from Low Level with Load Resistor to GND Skew (Pulse Width Distortion) = 110, Figure = 110, Figure = 110, Figure = 110, Figure 6 Load per Figure 5 Timing per Figure = 60, Figure = 27, Figure 4 Conditions = 60, Figure 3 Min 8.0 6.0 Typ 15 12 Max 22 16 Units ns

Over recommended supply voltage and operating temperature ranges, unless otherwise specified Symbol VTH VTL VT+-VT- VIH VIL VIC VOH Parameter Differential Input High Threshold Voltage Differential Input Low Threshold Voltage (Note 7) Hysteresis (Note 8) Enable Input Voltage HIGH Enable Input Voltage LOW Enable Input Clamp Voltage Output Voltage HIGH -18 mA VID = 200 mV, IOH = -400 A, to +125C IOL 8.0 mA IOL = -7.0V IIH IIL RI IOS Enable Input Current HIGH Enable Input Current LOW Input Resistance Short Circuit Output Current (Note 9) VIH = 2.7V VIL k mA VCM -0.2 V Conditions -0.4 mA Min Typ Max 0.2 Units V

VOL IOZ II Output Voltage LOW High Impedance State Output Line Input Current (Note 9) VID = -200 mV,


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