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CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
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74ACQ244D Quiet Seres Octal Buffer/line Driver With Tri-state Outputs
74ACQ821L Quiet Series 10-bit D Flip-flop With Tri-state Outputs
74ACTQ244D Quiet Seres Octal Buffer/line Driver With Tri-state Outputs
74ACTQ821L Quiet Series 10-bit D Flip-flop With Tri-state Outputs
74B2529 500 PS 2-to-10 Minimum Skew Clock Driver
74B304 Octal Divide BY 2 Skew Clock Driver
74F00 Quad 2-input NAND Gate
74F02 Quad 2-input NOR GATE
74F04 Hex Inverter
74F08 Quad 2-input And Gate
74F10 Triple 3-input NAND Gate
74F109 Dual JK Positive Edge-triggered Flip-flop
74F11 Triple 3-input And Gate
74F132 Quad 2-input NAND Schmitt Trigger
74F138 1-of-8 Decoder/demultiplexer
74F139 Dual 1-of-4 Decoder/demultiplexer
74F14 Hex Inverter Schmitt Trigger
74F151A 8-input Multiplexer
74F153 Dual 4-input Multiplexer

DM5408W : Quad 2-input And Gates

DS90C365MTDX : DS90C365 - +3.3V Programmable LVDS Transmitter 18-Bit Flat Panel Display (FPD) Link-85 Mhz, Package: Tssop, Pin Nb=48

LM137KGMWA : 3-Terminal Adjustable Negative Regulator

LM204H : Negative Regulator

LM3500TL-16 : Synchronous Step-up DC/DC Converter For White Led Applicationsthe LM3500 is a Fixed Frequency Synchronous Step-up DC/DC Converter in a Small 8-bump Thin Micro SMD Package. The LM3500 is Ideal For White Led Applications For Cellular Phone Back-lighting Requiring Low Current And High Efficiency.

LP2992AILDX-1.8 : Positive Voltage->Fixed LP2992 - Micropower 250 ma Low-noise Ultra Low-dropout Regulator in SOT-23 And LLP Packages, Package: Llp, Pin Nb=6

LM2797MMX-1.8 : 120mA High Efficiency Step-Down Switched Capacitor Voltage Converter with Voltage Monitoring The LM2797/98 switched capacitor step-down DC/DC converters efficiently produce a 120mA regulated low-voltage rail from a 2.6V to 5.5V input. Fixed output voltage options of 1.5V, 1.8V, and 2.0V are avail

LM4040C50IDBZRG4 : Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference

LP38692-ADJ : 500ma Low Dropout CMOS Linear Regulators with Adjustable Output / Stable with Ceramic Output Capacitors

54F646BSPCX : Octal Transceiver/register with Tri-state Outputs

COP8SGF740L6 : 8-bit CMOS ROM Based and OTP Microcontrollers with 8k to 32k Memory, Two Comparators and Usart

LP2985-20DBVR : Micropower 150 mA Low-noise Low-dropout Regulator in Sot-23 and Micro SMD Packages for Applications

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