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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Differential Amplifiers
DescriptionQuad Differential Drivers
CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

The DS96F172 and the DS96F174 are high speed quad differential line drivers designed to meet EIA-485 Standards. The DS96F172 and the DS96F174 offer improved performance due to the use of L-FAST bipolar technology. The use of LFAST technology allows the DS96F172 and DS96F174 to operate at higher speeds while minimizing power consumption. The DS96F172 and the DS96F174 have TRI-STATE ® outputs and are optimized for balanced multipoint data bus transmission at rates to 15 Mbps. The drivers have wide positive and negative common mode range for multipoint applications in noisy environments. Positive and negative current-limiting is provided which protects the drivers from line fault conditions over to -7.0V common mode range. A thermal shutdown feature is also provided. The DS96F172 features an active high and active low Enable, common to all four drivers. The DS96F174 features separate active high Enables for each driver pair.


Meets EIA-485 and EIA-422 standards Monotonic differential output switching TRI-STATE outputs Designed for multipoint bus transmission Common mode output voltage range: to +12V Operates from single +5.0V supply Reduced power consumption Thermal shutdown protection DS96F172 and DS96F174 are lead and function compatible with the SN75172/174 or the AM26LS31/MC3487 Military temperature range available Qualified for MIL-STD-883C Standard military drawings available (SMD) Available in DIP (J), LCC (E), and Flatpak (W) packages

H = High Level L = Low Level X = Don't Care Z = High Impedance (Off)
TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.

Specifications for the 883 version of this product are listed separately on the following pages. to +175°C Storage Temperature Range (TSTG) Lead Temperature (Soldering, 60 sec.) 300°C Maximum Package Power Dissipation (Note at 25°C Ceramic DIP (J) 1500 mW Supply Voltage 7.0V Enable Input Voltage 5.5V

Min Supply Voltage (VCC) DS96F172C/DS96F174C 4.75 Common Mode -7.0 Output Voltage (VOC) Output Current HIGH (IOH) Output Current LOW (IOL) Operating Temperature (TA) DS96F172C/DS96F174C 0 Typ 5.0 Max Units V mA

Over recommended supply voltage and operating temperature range, unless otherwise specified Symbol VIH VIL VOH VOL VIC |VOD1| |VOD2| Parameter Input Voltage HIGH Input Voltage LOW Output Voltage HIGH Output Voltage LOW Input Clamp Voltage Differential Output Voltage Differential Output Voltage IOH -33 mA IOL = 54, Figure = 100, Figure 1 VOD |VOD| VOC |VOC| IO IOZ IIH IIL IOS Differential Output Voltage Change in Magnitude of Differential Output Voltage (Note 5) Common Mode Output Voltage (Note 6) Change in Magnitude of Common Mode Output Voltage (Note 5) Output Current with Power Off High Impedance State Output Current Input Current HIGH Input Current LOW Short Circuit Output Current (Note 7) VCC VO = VCC = +12V ICC ICCX Supply Current (All Drivers) No Load Outputs Enabled Outputs Disabled to +70°C Conditions Min 0.8 0.7 Typ (Note 2) V Max Units

VCC = 25°C Symbol tDD tTD tPLH tPHL tZH tZL tHZ tLZ tLZL tSKEW Parameter Differential Output Delay Time Differential Output Transition Time Propagation Delay Time, Low-to-High Level Output Propagation Delay Time, High-to-Low Level Output Enable Time to High Level Output Enable Time to Low Level Output Disable Time from High Level Output Disable Time from Low Level Output Disable Time from Low Level with Load Resistor to GND (Note 8) Driver Output to Output RL ns

Note 2: "Absolute Maximum Ratings" are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed. They are not meant to imply that the devices should be operated at these limits. The tables of "Electrical Characteristics" provide conditions for actual device operation. Note 3: Unless otherwise specified min/max limits apply across the to +70°C range for the DS96F172C/DS96F174C. All typicals are given for VCC = 5V and = 25°C. Note 4: All currents into the device pins are positive; all currents out of the device pins are negative. All voltages are reference to ground unless otherwise specified. Note 5: |VOD| and |VOC| are the changes in magnitude of VOD and VOC respectively, that occur when the input is changed from a high level to a low level. Note In EIA-422A and EIA-485 standards, VOC, which is the average of the two output voltages with respect to ground, is called output offset voltage, VOS. Note 7: Only one output at a time should be shorted. Note 8: For more information see Application Bulletin, contact Product Marketing.


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