Details, datasheet, quote on part number: FDH600
CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Fast Recovery Diodes
CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
Cross ref.Similar parts: 1N3594, 1N4532, FD666, FDH900, FDH999, FDN666
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Some Part number from the same manufacture National Semiconductor Corporation
FLINK3V8BT-85 DS90C365 - +3.3V Programmable LVDS Transmitter 18-Bit Flat Panel Display (FPD) Link-85 Mhz, Package: Tssop, Pin Nb=48
FPD63310 Universal Interface Xga Panel Timing Controller (ui-xpat) Reduced Swing Differential Sginaling (rsds) (obsolete)
FPD85308 FPD85308 - Panel Timing Controller, Package: Evaluation Board, Pin Nb=-
FPD87310 Universal Interface Xga Panel Timing Controller With RSDS (reduced Swing Differential Signaling) And Fpd-link
FPD87346 Low Emi, Low Dynamic Power (SVGA) Xga/wxga Tft-lcd Timing Controller With Reduced Swing Differential Signaling (RSDS™) Outputs
FPD87392AXA +3.3V Tft-lcd Timing Controller For Dual LVDS Inputs/dual RSDS Outputs For Tft-lcd Monitor And Notebook Not Recommended For New ...
G1-200B-85-1.6 Processor Series Low Power Integrated X86 Solution
GD54LS08 54LS08 - Quad 2-Input And Gate, Package: Lcc, Pin Nb=20
GD54LS161A DM54LS161A - Synchronous 4-Bit Binary Counter With Asynchronous Clear, Package: Cerdip, Pin Nb=16
GD54LS175 DM54LS175 - Quad D Flip-flop With Clear And Complementary Outputs, Package: Cerpack, Pin Nb=16
GD54LS32 DM54LS32 - Quad 2-Input OR GATE, Package: Lcc, Pin Nb=20
GEODEGXLVPROCESSORSeries Low Power Integrated X86 Solution

5962-9311601MXA : Non-inverting Line Driver With Tri-state Outputs

CLC5523IM : Variable Gain Low Power, Variable Gain Amplifier


DM74LS265AM : Hex Tri-state Buffers

DS96F174MJ-MLS : DS96F172M - EIA-485/EIA-422 Quad Differential Drivers, Package: Lcc, Pin Nb=20

JM38510/10101BH : Operational Amplifier

LM340K-12 : Fixed LM340 - Series 3-Terminal Positive Regulators, Package: TO263, Pin Nb=3

PAL20X1V : Progammable Array Logic Series 24 (PAL Series 24)

COP8SGB844V6 : 8-bit CMOS ROM Based and OTP Microcontrollers with 8k to 32k Memory, Two Comparators and Usart

MM74HCT08MTCX_NL : Dual J-K Flip-flops with Preset and Clear

PAL20C1J : Progammable Array Logic Series 24 (PAL Series 24)

74F573PMQB : Octal D-type Latch with Tri-state Outputs

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