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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Voltage Regulators => Negative => Adjustable
DescriptionLM333 - 3-Ampere Adjustable Negative Regulator, Package: TO-3, Pin Nb=3
CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

The is an adjustable 3-terminal negative voltage regulator capable of supplying in excess of -3.0A over an output voltage range to -32V. This regulator is exceptionally easy to apply, requiring only 2 external resistors to set the output voltage and 1 output capacitor for frequency compensation. The circuit design has been optimized for excellent regulation and low thermal transients. Further, the LM333 features internal current limiting, thermal shutdown and safe-area compensation, making them substantially immune to failure from overloads. The LM333 serves a wide variety of applications including local on-card regulation, programmable-output voltage regulation or precision current regulation. The is an ideal complement to the LM150/LM350 adjustable positive regulators.


Output voltage adjustable from -32V 3.0A output current guaranteed, to +150°C Line regulation typically 0.01%/V Load regulation typically 0.2% Excellent rejection of thermal transients 50 ppm/°C temperature coefficient Temperature-independent current limit Internal thermal overload protection Standard 3-lead transistor package Output is short circuit protected

Bottom View Steel TO-3 Metal Can Package (K STEEL) Order Number LM333K STEEL See NS Package Number K02A

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Power Dissipation Input-Output Voltage Differential Internally Limited 35V

Operating Junction Temperature Range LM333 Storage Temperature Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec.) TO-3 Package ESD Susceptibility

Specifications with standard typeface are for = 25°C, and those with boldface type apply over the full operating temperature range. (Note 3) Parameter Reference Voltage Conditions mA 3V |VIN - VOUT| 3A, P PMAX Line Regulation Load Regulation Thermal Regulation Temperature Stability Long Term Stability Adjust Pin Current Adjust Pin Current Change Minimum Load Current Limit (Note 5) Output Noise of VOUT) Ripple Rejection VOUT 120 Hz CADJ 0 µF CADJ 10 µF Thermal Resistance Junction to Case Thermal Shutdown Temperature Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient (No Heatsink)

Note 1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. Electrical specifications do not apply when operating the device outside of its stated operating conditions. Note 2: All limits are guaranteed at either room temperature (standard type face) or at temperature extremes (bold typeface) by production testing or correlation techniques using standard Statistical Quality Control (SQC) methods. Note 3: Unless otherwise specified: |VIN - VOUT| = 5V, IOUT = 0.5A, PDISS 30W. Note 4: Load and line regulation are measured at constant junction temperature, using low duty cycle pulse testing (output voltage changes due to heating effects are covered by the Thermal Regulation specification). For the TO-3 package, load regulation is measured on the output pin, 1/8" below the base of the package. Note 5: The output current of the LM333 is guaranteed 3A in the range 3V |VIN - VOUT| 10V. For the range 10V |VIN - VOUT| 15V, the guaranteed minimum output current is equal to: 30/ (VIN - VOUT). Refer to graphs for guaranteed output currents at other voltages.

3V |VIN - VOUT| 35V IOUT 50 mA (Note 3A, P PMAX (Notes 10 ms Pulse TMIN TJ TMAX 125°C, 1000 Hours

3A 3.0V |VIN - VOUT| 35V |VIN - VOUT| 35V |VIN - VOUT| 10V 3V |VIN - VOUT| 10V |VIN - VOUT| = 20V |VIN - VOUT| to 10 kHz

LM133 Guaranteed Output Current LM333 Guaranteed Output Current
Typical Applications

*When CL is larger than 20 µF, D1 protects the LM333 in case the input supply is shorted. **When C2 is larger than 10 µF and -VOUT is larger than -25V, D2 protects the LM333 in case the output is shorted. ***In case VOUT is shorted to a positive supply, D3 protects the LM333 from overvoltage, and protects the load from reversed voltage.


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