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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Operational Amplifiers => General Purpose
DescriptionLM741 - Operational Amplifier, Package: TO-5, Pin Nb=8
CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications

The LM741 series are general purpose operational amplifiers which feature improved performance over industry standards like the LM709. They are direct, plug-in replacements for the LM201, MC1439 and 748 in most applications. The amplifiers offer many features which make their application nearly foolproof: overload protection on the input and output, no latch-up when the common mode range is exceeded, as well as freedom from oscillations. The LM741C is identical to the LM741/LM741A except that the LM741C has their performance guaranteed over to +70C temperature range, instead to +125C.

Order Number LM741J/883, LM741CN See NS Package Number or N08E Ceramic Flatpak

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. (Note 18V Supply Voltage Power Dissipation (Note 30V Differential Input Voltage 15V Input Voltage (Note 4) Output Short Circuit Duration Continuous Operating Temperature Range to +70C Storage Temperature Range to +150C Junction Temperature 150C 100C Soldering Information N-Package (10 seconds) J- or H-Package (10 seconds) 300C M-Package Vapor Phase (60 seconds) 215C Infrared (15 seconds) 215C See AN-450 "Surface Mounting Methods and Their Effect on Product Reliability" for other methods of soldering surface mount devices. ESD Tolerance (Note 8) 400V

Parameter Input Offset Voltage Conditions Min RS 50 TAMIN TA TAMAX 10 k Average Input Offset Voltage Drift Input Offset Voltage Adjustment Range Input Offset Current Average Input Offset Current Drift Input Bias Current Input Resistance = 25C TAMIN TA TAMAX 20V TAMIN TA TAMAX, 20V Input Voltage Range = 25C TAMIN TA TAMAX = 25C TAMIN TA TAMAX nA nA/C 20V mV V/C mV LM741A Typ Max Min LM741 Typ Max Min LM741C Typ Max Units

Parameter Large Signal Voltage Gain Conditions
Output Short Circuit Current Common-Mode Rejection Ratio Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio

Transient Response Rise Time Overshoot Bandwidth (Note 6) Slew Rate Supply Current Power Consumption

Note 2: "Absolute Maximum Ratings" indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. Operating Ratings indicate conditions for which the device is functional, but do not guarantee specific performance limits.


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