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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers
DescriptionCMOS Dual Low Cost Rail to Rail Output Operational Amplifier
CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications
LMC272 CMOS Dual Low Cost Rail to Rail Output Operational Amplifier

The is a CMOS dual operational amplifier with rail-to-rail output swing and an input common voltage range that extends below the negative supply. Other performance characteristics include low voltage operation, low bias current, excellent channel-to-channel isolation, good bandwidth performance and a competitive price. These devices are available in MSOP package which is about half the size a SO-8 device. This enables the designer to fit the device in extremely small applications. The is a direct replacement for TLC272C with performance which meets or exceeds the TLC272C's guaranteed limits in the commercial temperature range when operating from a supply to 15V (see Electrical Characteristics table for details). These features make this cost effective device ideal for new designs as well as for upgrading existing designs. Applications include hand-held analytic instruments, transducer amplifiers, sample and hold circuits, etc.


(Typical unless otherwise noted) 25C n Output Swing to within mV of supply rail (10 k load) n High voltage gain: dB n Unity gain-bandwidth: 2.0 MHz n Wide supply voltage: 15V n Characterized for: 10V n Low supply current: 0.975 mA/amplifier n Input voltage range: to 4.2V


Portable instruments Upgrade for TLC272C and TS272C Photodetector preamplifiers D/A converters Filters

Package 8-pin Molded DIP 8-pin SO-8 MSOP Ordering Information LMC272CMM LMC272CMMX NSC Drawing Number M08A MUA08A Package Marking LMC272CM A07 Rails 2.5k Tape and Reel Rails 3k Tape and Reel Supplied as

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. ESD Tolerance (Note 2) Differential Input Voltage at Input/Output Pin Supply Voltage (V+ - V-): Current at Input Pin (Note 10) Current at Output Pin (Note 3) (Note 7) Lead Temperature (soldering, 10 sec.) 2 kV

Storage Temp. Range Junction Temperature (Note 4)

Supply Voltage Junction Temperature Range LMC272C Thermal Resistance (JA) N Package, 8-pin Molded DIP M Package, 8-pin Surface Mount MSOP Package +70C 115 C/W 177 C/W 235 C/W

Unless otherwise specified, all limits guaranteed for = 0V, VCM RL to ground, and 1 M. Boldface limits apply at the temperature extremes Typ Symbol VOS TCVOS IB IOS CMRR PSRR VCM Parameter Input Offset Voltage Temp. Coefficient of Input Offset Voltage Input Bias Current Input Offset Current Common Mode Rejection Ratio Power Supply Rejection Ratio Input Common-Mode Voltage Range AV VO Large Signal Voltage Gain Output Swing 10 k, VID 100 mV (Note 11) VID -100 mV (Note 11) ISC Output Short Circuit Current Sourcing, VID 100 mV (Note 11) Sinking, VID -100 mV (Note 11) IS Total Supply Current 3.0 mA max mA V min mV max 10k 88 CMRR 1.4V 75 VCM 1.2V pA max pA max dB min dB min V min V max dB Conditions = 50, VCM to 70C (Note 3.9 LMC272C Limit (Note 9 mV max V/C Units

Unless otherwise specified, all limits guaranteed for = 0V, VCM RL to ground and 1 M. Boldface limits apply at the temperature extremes Typ Symbol SR Parameter Slew Rate (Note 8) Conditions = 1 VPP, 20 pF (Note = 10 mVPP, 20 pF (Note = 10 mVPP, 20 pF (Note = 1 kHz, = 1 kHz = 20 pF, 20 k (Note = +1, VIN = 1 kHz (Note 5) LMC272C Limit (Note kHz dB % V/s MHz Deg Units

Unity Gain Frequency Phase Margin Input-Referred Voltage Noise Input-Referred Current Noise Full Power Bandwidth Amp-to-Amp Isolation Total Harmonic Distortion


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