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CategoryData Conversion => ADC (Analog to Digital Converters)
DescriptionADC0820 - 8-Bit High Speed µP Compatible A/D Converter With Track/hold Function, Package: Soic Wide, Pin Nb=20
CompanyNational Semiconductor Corporation
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Features, Applications
ADC0820 8-Bit High Speed P Compatible A/D Converter with Track/Hold Function

By using a half-flash conversion technique, the 8-bit ADC0820 CMOS A/D offers 1.5 s conversion time and dissipates only mW of power. The half-flash technique consists of 32 comparators, a most significant 4-bit ADC and a least significant 4-bit ADC. The input to the ADC0820 is tracked and held by the input sampling circuitry eliminating the need for an external sample-and-hold for signals moving at less than 100 mV/s. For ease of interface to microprocessors, the ADC0820 has been designed to appear as a memory location or I/O port without the need for external interfacing logic.


Bits 2.5 s Max (RD Mode) Built-in track-and-hold function No missing codes No external clocking Single supply 5 VDC Easy interface to all microprocessors, or operates stand-alone Latched STRI-STATE output Logic inputs and outputs meet both MOS and T2L voltage level specifications Operates ratiometrically or with any reference value equal to or less than VCC to 5V analog input voltage range with single 5V supply No zero or full-scale adjust required Overflow output available for cascading 0.3" standard width 20-pin DIP 20-pin molded chip carrier package 20-pin small outline package 20-pin shrink small outline package (SSOP)

j Resolution j Conversion Time j Low Power j Total Unadjusted
Dual-In-Line, Small Outline and SSOP Packages Molded Chip Carrier Package

Part Number ADC0820CIWM ADC0820CCN Total Unadjusted Error V20A Molded Chip Carrier Package Temperature Range +70C M20B Wide Body Small Outline N20A Molded DIP J20A Cerdip M20B Wide Body Small Outline M20B Wide Body Small Outline N20A Molded DIP

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. Supply Voltage (VCC) Logic Control Inputs Voltage at Other Inputs and Output Storage Temperature Range Package Dissipation = 25C Input Current at Any Pin (Note 5) Package Input Current (Note 5) ESD Susceptability (Note 9) Lead Temp. (Soldering, 10 sec.) Dual-In-Line Package (plastic) -0.2V to VCC -0.2V to VCC 1200V 260C

Dual-In-Line Package (ceramic) Surface Mount Package Vapor Phase (60 sec.) Infrared (15 sec.)

The following specifications apply for RD mode (pin 7=0), VCC =5V, VREF(+)=5V,and VREF(-)=GND unless otherwise specified. Boldface limits apply from TMIN to TMAX; all other limits TA =Tj =25C.

Parameter Conditions ADC0820CCJ Typ (Note 6) Resolution Total Unadjusted Error (Note 3) Minimum Reference Resistance Maximum Reference Resistance Maximum VREF(+) Input Voltage Minimum VREF(-) Input Voltage Minimum VREF(+) Input Voltage Maximum VREF(-) Input Voltage Maximum VIN Input Voltage Minimum VIN Input Voltage Maximum Analog Input Leakage Current Power Supply Sensitivity CS =VCC VIN =VCC VIN =GND VCC =5V A LSB VCC+0.1 V VREF(+) V VREF(-) V GND V VCC k ADC0820BCN, BCWM ADC0820CCJ ADC0820CCN, CCWM, CIWM, 1.00 2.3 Tested Limit (Note 7) 8 Design Limit (Note ADC0820CCWM, ADC0820CIWM Typ (Note 6) Tested Limit (Note 7) 8 Design Limit (Note 8) 8 Bits LSB k Limit Units


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