Details, datasheet, quote on part number: NES1823P-45
Description100w L-band Push-pull Power GAAS MesFET
CompanyNEC Electronics Inc.
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The 100 W push-pull type GaAs MESFET designed for high power transmitter applications for IMT-2000 and PCS/PCN base station systems. It is capable of delivering 100 watts of output power with high linear gain, high efficiency and excellent distortion. Its primary band to 2.3 GHz with different maching. The device employs Tungsten Silicide gates, via holes, plated heat sink, and silicon dioxide and nitride passivation for superior performance, thermal characteristics, and reliability. Reliability and performance uniformity are assured by NEC's stringent quality and control procedures.


Push-pull type N-channel GaAs MESFET High Output Power 100 W TYP. High Linear Gain 11.0 dB TYP. High Drain Efficiency: 50 % TYP. @VDS 10 V, IDset = 2.2 GHz

Part Number NES1823P-100 T-92 Package Supplying Form ESD protective envelope

Remark To order evaluation samples, please contact your local NEC sales office. (Part number for sample order: NES1823P-100)

Operation in excess of any one of these parameters may result in permanent damage.

Parameter Drain to Source Voltage Gate to Source Voltage Drain Current Gate Current Total Power Dissipation Channel Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol VDS VGSO IG PT Tch Tstg Ratings

Caution Please handle this device at static-free workstation, because this is an electrostatic sensitive device.

The information in this document is subject to change without notice.
Document No. P13839EJ1V0DS00 (1st edition) Date Published November 1998 N CP(K) Printed in Japan

Parameter Drain to Source Voltage Gain Compression Channel Temperature Set Drain Current Gate Resistance

Notes 1. IDset 3.0 A each drain, VDS V, RF OFF. Rg is the series resistance between the gate supply and FET gate.

Parameter Saturated Drain Current Pinch-off Voltage Thermal Resistance Output Power Drain Current Drain Efficiency Linear Gain Symbol IDSS Vp Rth Pout ID Test Conditions VDS 2.5 V, VGS 0 V VDS 2.5 V, IDS 330 mA Channel to Case = 2.2 GHz, VDS 10 V Pin = +42.5 dBm, = 12.5 IDset 6.0 A Total (RF OFF)Note 49.0 4.0 MIN. TYP. MAX. Unit A V C/W dBm % dB

TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TA = +25C) POWER MATCHING AND IM3 MATCHING NEC produces two type matching circuits, power matching and IM3 matching. Power matching circuit is used our production line. And the IM3 matching circuit is useful for the customers to design the special tuning application. The power matching is designed as this, input impedance is gain-matching, output is matched with power matching impedance which is calculated with large signal simulation model. The IM3 matching is designed as this, input impedance is matched to the impedance which has the direction of decreasing S21 phase-shift, output impedance is matched to the almost same as the efficiency matching impedance. Those typical RF data are shown as this, 10.2 dB Pout = 50.0 dBm = 28 dBc at power matching, 10.0 dB Pout = 49.3 dBm = 31 dBc at IM3 matching (@2 tone Pout = 40 dBm).


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