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DescriptionMatrix Surround Sound Processor With Sound Processor
CompanyNEC Electronics Inc.
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The is a specific IC to reproduce surround sound by using phase shifters and a signal matrix. The µPC1892 provides wide sound with two speakers, and rich stereophonic sound with three speakers. In case of stereo signal, the µPC1892 has the movie mode to reproduce sense of immediacy (for movie) and the music mode to emphasize vocal sound (for music), and it has the simulated mode to make monaural signal into wide deep sound. The modes can be selected freely by using 2-bit parallel control pins. In addition to this function reproducing surround sound, the µPC1892 has a general sound processor that has volume, balance, bass and treble control. it is capable of reducing installation area. All functions for processing signals of base band sound are provided on one chip.


Three surround modes are available: movie, music and simulated Built in volume and balance control (All control voltage: 5 V) Built in tone control (bass, treble) (All control voltage: 5 V) Built in L+R output for woofer SP µPC1892CT-02: The volume and balance attenuation are bigger than µPC1892CT.

Part Number Package 30-pin plastic shrink DIP (400 mil) 30-pin plastic shrink DIP (400 mil)
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Document No. S10650EJ3V0DS00 (3rd edition) (Previous No. ID-2902) Date Published October 1995 P Printed in Japan

Matrix surround sound processor Power amplifier



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