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CategoryData Conversion
DescriptionL-band Up/down Converter
CompanyNEC Electronics Inc.
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The µPG2121TB is L-band up-converter or down-converter IC (LO Buff. Amp. + Passive Mixer). The device can convert the RF frequency to IF frequency and operate low current. It housed in an original 6-pin super minimold package that is smaller than usual 6-pin minimold easy to install and contributes to miniaturizing the system.


+2.8 V single voltage Low distortion = +23 dBm TYP.) Low current operation (IDD 3.5 mA TYP.) LO buffer amplifier and passive mixer on a single chip 6-pin super minimold package (Size: mm)


Part Number Package 6-pin super minimold Marking G2E Supplying Form Embossed tape 8 mm wide. Pin 1 face the tape perforation side. Qty 3kpcs / reel.

Remark To order evaluation samples, please contact your local NEC sales office. (Part number for sample order: µPG2121TB)

The IC must be handled with care to prevent static discharge because its circuit composed of GaAS HJ-FET.

The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Before using this document, please confirm that this is the latest version.

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Document No. P15014EJ1V0DS00 (1st edition) Date Published July 2000 NS CP(K) Printed in Japan

Parameter Supply Voltage LO Input Power RF Input Power Total Power Dissipation Operating Ambient Temperature Storage Temperature Symbol VDD PLO PRF Ptot TA Tstg Ratings

Note Mounted a mm double copper clad epoxy glass PWB, +85 °C

Parameter Supply Voltage RF Frequency IF Frequency LO Input Power Symbol VDD fRF fIF PLO MIN. TYP. MAX. Unit V MHz dBm

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Unless otherwise specified, = +25 °C, VDD = 850 MHz, = 850.1 MHz, = -3 dBm, fLO = 940 MHz, PLO = -5 dBm, fIF = 90 MHz, = 90.1 MHz)

Parameter Total Current Conversion Loss 3rd Order Distortion Input Intercept Note Point 3rd Order Intermoduration Distortion Local Leackage Symbol IDD LC IIP3 Test Condition MIN. TYP. MAX. Unit mA dB dBm

Note IIP3 is determined by comparing two method; theoretical calculation and cross point of IM3 curve. IM3 × PRF IIP3 = [dBm] IM3: PIM3 gradient - 1 Calculated = 3


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