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TitleQuartz Crystal Oscillator
Description622MHz Vcxo ic
CompanyNJR Corporation
DatasheetDownload NJM2555E datasheet


Features, Applications

s General Description s Package Outline The a 622.08MHz VCXO (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator) IC designed for optical fiber telecommunication systems, using NewJRC superior Bipolar technology, which consists of an oscillation amplifier, a variable capacitor diode, a quadruple (x4) frequency circuit, high pass filter, and limiter amplifier. The NJM2555 generate x4 frequency to add the only 155.52MHz crystal and LC filter, and the output is differential LVPECL equivalent. The NJM2555C-C recommended input crystal frequency is from to 160 MHz. The jitter performance and phase noise is very low based on excellent oscillation circuit. This can be applied to optical communication, especially the WDM system. s Features qOperating Voltage: to +3.6V qFrequency range of Crystal: 155.52 MHz typ. to 160 MHz) qOutput Frequency Range:622.08 MHz typ. to 640 MHz) qOutput Level: differential LVPECL equivalent qA Variable Capacitor on chip qBipolar Technology qPackage: Die s Terminal Description & Coordinates No. Symbol Function 1 VOSC OSC Supply Voltage 2 XT1 Quartz Crystal Connecting terminal 3 XT2 Quartz Crystal Connecting terminal 2 4 VVC Frequency Control 5 GND 6 FOUT1 Frequency Output 7 FOUT2 Frequency Output 8 T1 Tunable Filter Terminal 9 T2 Tunable Filter Terminal 2 10 VCC VCC=3.3V Starting Point: Die Center Chip Size: 1.60x2.00 [mm] Chip Thickness: 260 20 [um] Pad Size: 90x90 [um] s Block Diagram

s Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta=25C) Parameter Symbols Ratings Unit Supply Voltage VCC 5.0 V Operating Temperature Range Topr +85 C Storage Temperature Range Tstg +125 C sElectrical Characteristics (Ta=25C) Parameter Symbol Conditions MIN. TYP. MAX. Unit Supply Voltage VCC 3.6 V Operating Current ICC 60 mA Power Consumption 216 mW Maximum VC Range VCONTH VCC-0.3 VCC VCC+0.3 V Minimum VC Range VCONTL V s Referential Data (VCC=VOSC=3.3V, Ta=25C) Parameter Symbol Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit Min.: 120MHz crystal Output Frequency FOUT Typ.: 155.5MHz crystal 622 640 MHz Max.: 160MHz crystal Frequency Pull Range FCONT Note 1) ppm 100 120 Output Level POUT 50 ohm load 1.5 4.5 dBm Lower & Higher FDU 50 ohm load Note -20 -25 dBc Harmonics D/U Ratio Symmetry SYM 50 ohm load Jitter JITTER 50 ohm load 16 ps rms Note 1) Frequency Pull Range is determined by using 155.5MHz quartz crystal. The parameters are as follows; C1 R1

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