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CategoryMultimedia => Video
DescriptionVideo Amplifier With 75 Ohms Driver
CompanyNJR Corporation
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Features, Applications

sGENERAL DESCRIPTION THE is a video amplifier with 75 ohms drivers, which includes LPF and BPF of both Y and C system. THE NJM2568 can compose the output circuit of digital video items with a little external components. It is suitable for portable items. sFEATURES + qOperating Voltage 5.3V + qOperating Current 7.3mAtyp.V =3.0V qInternal LPF,BPF qInternal Clamp Discharge qBipolar Technology qPackage Outline SSOP14 sBLOCK DIAGRAM

sABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PARAMETERS SYMBOL + Supply Voltage V Power Dissipation PD Operating Temperature Range Topr Storage Temperature Range Tstg

sELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS 1=4.8V,V 2=3.0V,RL=150) PARAMETERS Operating Current 1 Operating Current 1 (Power Save Mode) Operating Current 2 Operating Current2 (Power Save Mode) (Y Amplifier) Voltage Gain 1 Voltage Gain 2 (C Amplifier) Voltage Gain 1 Voltage Gain 2 (Filter Characteristics) GfY7.2M GfY20M DLY GfC500k GfC20M DLC TYC 6MHz/100kHz,100mVp-p @Sine Wave 7.2MHz/100kHz,100mVp-p@Sine Wave 20MHz/100kHz,100mVp-p@Sine Wave Group Delay |GD3MHz-GD6MHz| ±1MHz/4MHz,100mV@Sine Wave ±1.6MHz/4MHz,100mV@Sine Wave 500kHz/4MHz,100mVp-p@Sine Wave 20MHz/4MHz,100mVp-p@Sine Wave Group Delay |GD3MHz-GD6MHz| TYOUT-TCOUT 100kHz,Sine Wave,RL=75 GCA Control Voltage MUTE Voltage GCA Control Voltage Power Down Voltage dB nsec dB nsec GvC1 GvC2 CIN VOUT,GCACTLY=0.5V 4MHz,143mVp-p @Sine Wave CIN VOUT,GCACTLC=2.5V 4MHz,143mVp-p @Sine Wave GvY1 GvY2 YIN VOUT,GCACTLY=0.5V 100kHz,0.5Vp-p @Sine Wave YIN VOUT,GCACTLY=2.5V 100kHz,0.5Vp-p @Sine Wave +9.0 dB SYMBOL Icc2 Isave2

TEST CONDITION V 1=4.8V,No Signal V 1=4.8V,Power Save V 2=3.0V,No Signal V 2=3.0V,Power Save

(YC Delay) YC Delay (Maximum Output Swing) V-OUT (GCA Control Signal) GCACTLY GCACTLC VGL2 0.5 GND 0.5 GND VOVM 1.2 Vp-p +25 nsec


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