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CategoryMultimedia => Video
DescriptionLow Voltage Video Amplifier With LPF
CompanyNJR Corporation
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Features, Applications

sGENRERAL DESCRIPTION The is a Low Voltage Video Amplifier contained LPF circuit, 75 driver and internal CLAMP/BIAS SW, LPF/through SW to connect TV monitor directly. The input composite signal.(0.5Vpp) The mute circuit with power save function is suitable for low power design. The NJM2574 is suitable for down sizing of Digital Steel Camera, and DVC for small package. sPACKAGE OUTLINE

sFEATURES q Operating Voltage q Input Composite Signa q Output Swing q Internal CLAMP/BIAS SW q Internal LPF/through SW q Operating Current q Operating Current in Battery Saving 75 2 system Drive q Bipolar Technology q Package Outline 0.5Vpp 2.4Vpp typ. at Vcc=3V,CLAMP MODE 9.0mA typ. at Vcc=3.0V

sABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PARAMETER SYMBOL + Supply Voltage V Power Dissipation PD Operating Temperature Range Topr Storage Temperature Range Tstg

sELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS V =3.0V,RL=150,Ta=25C) PARAMETER Operating Voltage Operating Current Operating Current at Power Save Maximum Output Voltage Swing Voltage Gain Frequency Characteristic (Through MODE) Low Pass Filter Characteristic SYMBOL Vopr ICC Isave Vomv Vom RGB Gf No Signal Power Save Mode f=1kHz,THD=1%,CLAMP MODE LPF MODE f=1kHz,THD=1%, BIAS MODE, through MODE Vin=100kHz,0.5Vp-p, Input Sine Signal Vin=20MHz/100kHz,0.5Vp-p TEST CONDITION MIN. TYP. MAX. 10.0 90 Vp-p -17 V

Vin=0.5Vp-p, DG Input 10step Video Signal Vin=0.5Vp-p, DP Input 10step Video Signal Vin=0.5Vp-p, SNv 100% White Video Signal, RL=75 Band Width 3.58MHz, Hv Sine Video Signal, RL=75, VthH VthL

Differential Gain Differential Phase S/N 2nd. Distortion SW Change Voltage High Level SW Change Voltage Low Level

s CONTROL TERMINAL PARAMETER Power Save(7pin) STATUS H L OPEN H LPF/Through SW(1pin) L OPEN Power Save : OFF Power Save : ON Power Save : ON LPF MODE Through MODE Through MODE NOTE


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