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DescriptionWide Band 3 Circuits Video Switch
CompanyNJR Corporation
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s GENERAL DESCRIPTION The is a wide band 1-Output 3-Circuit video switch. It is suitable for Y, Pb, and Pr signal because frequency range is 50MHz. The NJM2584 is suitable for PTV, DTV, PDP and other high quality AV systems. s FEATURES q Operating Voltage 9.0V q Wide frequency range at 0dB typ. q Internal input-1output 3-circuit video switch q Operating Current 10mA typ. q Bipolar Technology q Package Outline DMP16 s PACKAGE OUTLINE

s ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PARAMETERS Supply Voltage Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range SYMBOL Vcc PD Topr Tstg RATINGS 10.0 (DIP) 500 (DMP) +125 (Ta=25C) UNIT RL=10k, Ta=25C) TEST CONDITION No signal BIAS input CLAMP input BIAS input, Vin=1kHz,Sin signal,THD=1%, CLAMP input, signal,THD=1%, Vin=1MHz,2.0Vp-p Sin signal Vin=1MHz,2.0Vp-p Sin signal Vin=1MHz,2.0Vp-p Sin signal 50MHz ,1.0Vp-p, Sin signal Vin=4.43MHz,2.0Vp-p, Sin signal Vin=50MHz,2.0Vp-p, Sin signal Vin=4.43MHz,2.0Vp-p, Sin signal Vin=50MHz,2.0Vp-p, Sin signal Vin=1.0Vpp 10step Video signal Vin=1.0Vpp 10step Video signal Vin=1.0Vpp,100% White Video signal MIN. TYP. MAX. V

sELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS PARAMETER SYMBOL Operating Current ICC Maximum input Voltage1 Vim1 Maximum input Voltage 2 Vim2 Maximum Output Voltage 1 Maximum Output Voltage 2 Voltage Gain Differential Gain (Channel) Differential Gain (Block) Band Width Frequency Characteristic Channel Cross talk 1 Channel Cross talk 2 Block Cross talk 1 Block Cross talk 2 Differential Gain Differential Phase S/N Switch Change Voltage H Level Switch Change Voltage L Level sMODE SWITCH FUNCTION PIN Control MODE H L OPEN Vom2 Gv Gvl GvB DG DP SNv VthH VthL

NOTES B channel output A channel output A channel output


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THS7365 : 6-Channel Video Amplifier With 3-SD And 3-HD 6th-Order Filters And 6-dB Fabricated using the revolutionary, complementary Silicon-Germanium (SiGe) BiCom3X process, the THS7365 is a low-power, single-supply, 2.7-V to 5-V, six-channel integrated video buffer. It incorporates three standard-definition (SDTV) and three high-definition (HDTV) filter channels.

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