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CategoryMultimedia => Video
DescriptionDouble Balanced Modulation / Demodulation
CompanyNJR Corporation
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Features, Applications

! GENERAL DESCRIPTION The is a double balanced modulation/demodulation circuit, applied to suppressed carrier modulation, amplitude modulation, synchronous detection, or PM detection circuit. Single input voltage and simplification of external circuit offers wider applications. ! PACKAGE OUTLINE

NJM2594M ! FEATURES " Operating Voltage " Excellent Carrier Suppression " Simplification of External Circuit " Bipolar Technology " Package Outline

Supply Voltage Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Output 2 Drive Current

PARAMETER Current Consumption Conversion Gain Signal Leakage Level Carrier Leakage Level Intermodulation Signal Input Resistance Signal Input Capacitance Carrier Input Resistance Carrier Input Capacitance Output Resistance Output Capacitance

Notes : (1) Input signal Fs=1.75MHz, 70mVrms(-10dBm) Carrier signal : Fc=28.25MHz,100mVrms(-7dBm) Desired output signal : fundamental carrier upper-sideband output, Fd=30MHz (2) Input signal Fs1=1.75MHz, 42.5mVrms(-14.42dBm) Input signal Fs2=2.00MHz, 42.5mVrms(-14.42dBm) Carrier signal Fc=28.25MHz,100mVrms(-7dBm) (3) The ratio of desired output signal level to input signal level (4) The ratio of output signal at input signal frequency to desired output signal (5) The ratio of output signal at carrier signal frequency to desired output signal (6) The ratio of 29.75MHz Intermodulation signal to desired output signal (7) Measured at 10MHz

" Emitter - follower Output Items for measurement : Conversion Gain, Signal Leakage Level, Carrier Leakage Level, Intermodulation Measured at OUTPUT2 (pin 3)

Collector Output Items for measurement : Current Consumption Measured OUTPUT1 (pin2)


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