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TitleDC Motor Controller
DescriptionBrush Less DC Motor Pre-driver
CompanyNJR Corporation
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Features, Applications

sGENERAL DESRIPTION The a 3-phase brushless DC motor pre-driver which requires external power-transistors suited to drive current of the motor. The Run Enable function is used as PWM control besides of ON/OFF switched function.

sFEATURES qOperating Voltage qLow Operating Current qRun Enable qForward or Reverse Direction qOutput Switch Current qBipolar Technology qPackage Outline

sABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25C) PARAMETER SYMBOL Supply Voltage V+ Output Current IO Power Dissipation PD Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Topr Tstg

sELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (V+=12V, Ta=25C) Total Device PARAMETER Supply Voltage Supply Current

Hall Sensor Section Input Offset Voltage Input Common mode Voltage range Input Bias Current Output Section Output Voltage 1 Output Voltage 2 Maximum Output Current 1 Maximum Output Current 2 Output Leak Current Run Enable Section Run Enable Voltage Run Disable Voltage Output Voltage Undefined Area Source Current 1

Forward or Reverse Direction Section Forward Direction RL=470 1/2V++0.5 Reverse Direction RL=470 F/R Logic VSW-undef RL=470 1/2V+-0.5 Undefined Area Source Current 2 ION2 Forward or Reverse Terminal=GND


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